Saturday, August 2, 2014

Satmar Chesed

Read the "letter to the editor"  in this week's edition of the Satmar (Aronie) Yiddish Newspaper, "Der Blatt!"
This guy who writes the letter, spent a Shabbos in Manhattan, to do "Chesed" to someone in a hospital. This letter is about their experience!
Here is my loose translation of the letter.

Headline: Should I stuff my ears or run?

In honor of "der blatt"
My brother and I and a family member, had the occasion of being in a hospital in Manhattan on Parshas Mattos.
Shabbos morning we went to a neighboring shul. As soon as we walked into the shul we noticed a Zionist flag on the "Mizrach Wall" which stabbed us in our hearts.
When we asked someone, whether the flag is there all the time, he answered, that no, it is only there now, because of the war between the State of Israel and Hamas. 
With no other choice we sat by the western wall and tried to hide behind the Bima, (So as not to stare at the flag.)

But our patience "burst" when right before Mussaf, the Rabbi got up to give his sermon about the importance of the war. He embedded words of heresy in the weekly parsha comparing this war with the war of Midian, G-D have mercy and save us from this, and then to top it all off, he made a Mi Shebeirach for the Zionist soldiers.

My brother suggested that we stuff our ears, but because of the blue and white flag we decided to run out, since it would be better that we daven Be'ychidus (without a minyan) in the Hospital than in a place such as this.

We believe that we did the right thing, if not, could someone please enlighten us.
Brothers S. New York


Anonymous said...

Then they went to the strip club down the street.

Anonymous said...

it would be better you don't daven at all you sick animal

Phil Phrom Passaic said...

It would be preferable if you both caught serious colon cancer.