Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hedy Epstein: Meet the Fake “Holocaust Survivor,” HAMAS Fan Arrested in Ferguson

You may have heard about the “Holocaust survivor” who was arrested while marching with the rioting protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, Monday

But Hedy Epstein–also a well known anti-Israel, self-hating Jew who tried to be on the HAMAS flotilla–is a fake. She “survived the Holocaust” as much as Harry Truman did because she was, unfortunately, spirited away from Germany in the kindertransport and spent the years of the Holocaust in the safety of England and never saw the insides of a concentration camp. Not even close.

At age 90, Epstein is Exhibit #855,297,543 of the Billy Joel “Only the Good Die Young” corollary.

Though Hedy Epstein was never a Holocaust survivor, she constantly walks all over the dead bodies of the six million Jews who perished, as a platform for her far-left, self-hating, anti-Semitic, whack job politics. 

And usually those politics are openly anti-Israel and pro-HAMAS. Epstein is part of the terrorist group ISM (International Solidarity Movement), which was caught giving shelter to Islamic Jihad terrorists. ISM also gave shelter and a place to stay to British Al-Qaeda terrorists the night before they blew up Mike’s Bar in Tel Aviv. 

Epstein traveled to the West Bank to help ISM in its terrorist activities, and she should be permanently behind bars just for that. 

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