Thursday, August 28, 2014

Aaron Sofer found dead in Yerushalyim.

The body of Aron Sofer, the 23 year old yeshiva bochur who went missing on Friday, has been found in the Jerusalem Forest in Ein Kerem.

It  has been confirmed that Sofer’s body was located by United Hatzolah volunteers who were among the many that took part in the massive search for the missing Lakewood resident.
“We were going through a completely new area that we hadn’t searched before,” Eli Beer, founder of United Hatzolah told VIN News. “This was east, towards Ein Kerem a few miles away. After about two hours of searching one of our volunteers found him near a tree and he called for help. Other volunteers came and they saw he wasn’t alive, hadn’t been alive for a while.”

Initial reports say that Sofer’s body shows no signs of violence. While Beer said that no details were being released at this time and that it was too early to say whether or not terrorism played a rule in Sofer’s death, it appears not to have been a factor.
“It is impossible to know at this time why he passed away,” said Beer. “He was found whole, on the floor, and had not been alive for some time. There was a small cliff nearby. It could be he fell, it could be he was dehydrated. It is too early to rule anything out but it looks like it was not terrorism.”
Police, Hatzolah and Zaka are all on scene at the location where Sofer’s body was found.

Sofer’s parents were brought to United Hatzolah headquarters in Romema where they were told of their son’s passing.
“He was found a long way from where he disappeared,” said Beer. “No one ever thought that this area was even a possibility.”

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld confirmed to the media that authorities were in the process of identifying the body.
Rosenfeld would not say whether there were any signs of foul play.

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