Monday, August 25, 2014

Missing American yeshiva student’s family demands IDF intervention

Three days after being reported missing in the Jerusalem Forest while hiking with a friend, the family of 23-year-old American yeshiva student Aaron Sofer said they are dissatisfied with the progress of the search, and demanded military intervention.

Despite hundreds of police officers, volunteers and the emergency response and rescue organizations ZAKA and United Hatzalah actively searching for Sofer since Saturday, no clues as to his whereabouts have surfaced as of Monday evening.

“A physically, mentally and emotionally healthy young man does not go missing for 72 hours,” said Sofer family spokesman, Dov Hirth on Monday. “The family is not satisfied with the way the search and rescue operation has been handled thus far.”

Moreover, Hirth cited the Muhammad Abu Khdeir murder in the same forest last month, allegedly by Jewish assailants, compounded by heightened tensions with Palestinians, as cause for alarm.

“It’s well known that a murder took place in that forest, and especially with the ongoing tensions with Palestinians, we feel there should be a military presence and involvement in the search for Aaron,” he said.

Sofer, who is haredi and from Lakewood, New Jersey, was last seen in the Beit Zayit area of the woods Friday morning, before he and a friend became separated while navigating a steep incline.

Concerned after not reuniting with him several hours later, the unidentified friend contacted police to file a missing person’s report, which led to the intensive manhunt, as well as Sofer’s parents flying to Israel to aid in the growing search.

While the manhunt initially generated numerous headlines, Hirth said the family is now concerned that the story has since lost traction.

“The fact of the matter is we have a young man missing for no apparent reason, and it was on page one of all the newspapers and then the coverage just stopped,” he said. “This needs to continue to be a major story.”

Police describe Sofer as approximately 5 feet 9 inches tall, slender, with a close-cropped red beard, wearing glasses, a white shirt, yalmuka and black trousers at the time of his disappearance.

Anyone with information that may assist in locating Sofer has been asked to call 02-5391520, or the Israel Police hotline at 100.


Anonymous said...

i hope we don't hear another horror story like with the 3 kidnapped boys that some putz israeli 911 operator got a call that he thought was a "joke"

zg said...

We all have to daven for him and blast the Israeli authorities to bring in the army!!!

Anonymous said...

These same people who despise the Army and ignore basic duties to the country. These same people who
throw out frum army members and beat them up, now are DEMANDING that the Army help them!!!
What a lesson on 'Hakoras Hatov'!!
How idiotic can one get??