Saturday, August 9, 2014

Satmar Newspaper, "Der Blatt" calls Netanyahu a "Murderer"

Der Blatt, the Aronie Yiddish Newspaper, wrote an op-ed article in this week's edition, in reference to the funeral of  Avraham Walles, the radical Asra Kadisha member murdered by an Arab with a tractor.
Walles being arrested previously while protesting at a construction site

After blaming the murder of Avraham Walles on the Zionists, the article calls the Prime Minister of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu a "murderer!" 

This article is no difference then the propaganda by Hamas!

I only cut out one paragraph of the lengthy diatribe that this author spewed against his fellow Jews!

I will loosely translate the clip:

"we know very well that it doesn't hurt, the murderer and crazy Netanyahu, that a young man of the Toldos Aaron was killed. 
He has no mercy on the (Wallas') orphans, it doesn't bother him at all that an extremist of Asra Kedisha was murdered.
The only reason he sent a condolance letter to the family is because he wants to have them in his "group" 
He wants to include Walles' death with the other martyrs that were murdered on the Zionist alter."

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