Thursday, August 28, 2014

Satmar says that Israel started all the wars with the Arabs!

This week's Der Goy (Der Yid), the Yiddish News weekly published by the Zalonie Faction of Satmar, says, that  all the wars since 1948 until 2014, between Israel and the Arabs, 
were started by the Zionists. 
This they write as a matter of fact. 

Just to be very clear, this is the view of all anti-Semites and the murderous Arab world! Not only that, this is the view of the liberal Reform and Conservative Jews as well.
In fact, there are a lot of similarities between Satmar and the Reform movement, both of them reject Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people. The first thing that the Reform movement did was to remove the word Tzion from their siddurim.

So Satmar is now aligned with all haters of Jews!
I will loosely translate the 2 paragraphs of the above article published this weeks issue,Parshas Shoftim!

My comments in red!

" We had previously explained in an earlier article, that all the wars that the State of Israel had with their Arab neighbors, resulted in the spilling of blood, and could have been avoided in most cases.  
(DIN: Tell us one case that any war that Israel had with the blood thirsty Arabs could have been avoided?
1948? When the Arabs attacked Israel? 
1967? When Israel was surrounded by thousands of tanks and Egypt blockaded the Gulf of Akaba?
Read what surrounded Israel on the eve of the 67' war...
When Egypt massed approximately 100,000 of its troops in the Sinai, including all of its seven divisions (four infantry, two armoured and one mechanized), four independent infantry brigades and four independent armoured brigades. No fewer than a third of them were veterans of Egypt's continuing intervention into the Yemen Civil War and another third were reservists. These forces had 950 tanks, 1,100 APCs, and more than 1,000 artillery pieces.
Syria's army had a total strength of 75,000 and amassed them along the Syrian border.
Jordan's army had 55,000 troops and 300 tanks along the Jordanian border, 250 of which were U.S. M48 Pattons, sizable amounts of M113 APCs, a new battalion of mechanized infantry, and a paratrooper battalion trained in the new U.S.-built school. They also had 12 battalions of artillery and six batteries of 81 mm and 120 mm mortars.
Let's skip to the present Gaza war... Hamas was throwing missiles at Israel for over 10 years!
What would Satmar do, if Belz threw missiles from Woodberry Commons at Monroe?
Or if Lubavitch threw Missles into Williamsburg?)
There were many opportunities  [to avoid war],
(DIN: When, tell us when?) but the Zionist haughtiness, drove them to needless war, to show [the world] their prowess, and their ambition. All this [going to needless wars] knowing in advance that this cannot be accomplished without the spilling of blood, and would cost the life of Jewish souls, and that Jewish blood would be spilled.

The Zionist propaganda machine, manipulated the news in their favor, to the Jews living in other parts of the world.
(Din: what are they smoking? The entire media was against Israel)
The victories of the IDF, was magnified and trumped up, but they hid the cost of how many Jewish souls this victory actually cost! How much needless Jewish sacrifices, just for the glory of the politics of an IDF general that led them like sheep to the slaughter.
(Din: Don't get me started on, who led who, "like sheep to the slaughter." Ask thousands of murdered Hungarian Jews who were advised by the Satmar Rebbe to stay in Europe, while Hitler's armies were rounding up all Jews)
And because of this [the action of the IDF general] Jews living in Chulz L'aretz were swayed to the Zionists, they became intoxicated with the false IDF victories and successes , and were caught in the storm of the street, and danced and celebrated."
(DIN: What a sick and perverted comment)


srulyc said...

Why do you even buy the der yid?

Anonymous said...

There 'might' be minor inaccuracies in 'satmar' publications, der blatt, der yid der tzeitung etc, however they are inadvertent & not meant to deceive, & people like you, pounce on each & every word 'kemotze shalal rav', but their basic premise that the zionist state is the reason for all this bloodshed, & given the 'fact' that the zionists have no broblem shedding blood, including Jewish blood when deemed necessary for their nationalistic aspirations, (remember hakadosh 'dihan'), is 100% correct, there is a holy' teitch' on the nusach of 'nachem', receited 'tisha b'av' during the 'amidah', meai meai Al chaleleihe libi libi Al chaleleihem ki atah hashem naeish hizata ubaeish atah asid livnosah, uz shver the nesins taam 'ki' atah, & he poignantly he explains, that my heart goes out & is pained for every Jewish nefesh that died on the mizbeach of nationalism, for 'ki atah hashem baesh hitzatah ubaesh 'atah' asid livnosl, the geulah is going to be only thru hashem so therefore each & every person thats now being lost is in vain, beautiful words toras emes, & that is the point, stop picking bones stop splitting hairs, focus on the fact those people are basically focused on avodas hashem, seeking to do what is right in the way of our forefathers from days bygone, without any shinuui or change.

Anonymous said...

to do what is right in the way of our forefathers from days bygone, without any shinuui or change.

That's why we're still in Diasporah.

Dusiznies said...

You are being disingenuous by saying that the Satmar newspapers do not try "to deceive "
They are on purpose deceiving and that's my point of posting their articles... I am not even positing a smidgin of the hate that they write against people that don't hold like them
To 7:23
Our forefathers did not wear shteimels and bekeshes

Anonymous said...

These words are clearly APIKORSOS, we are in gallus because hashem wants it that way, & untill HASHEM will send the goel tsedek, we have to wait patiently, & in the meanwhile do teshuva, & of course not do anything ti prolong our final redemotion, chas vesholom to blasphemise & say such vile things, klap dir oif sein moil, vash es ois mit zeif vasser.

Anonymous said...

its obvious you have an axe to grind, & a line to tow, dehaynu, you personal bias & hate lechal davar shebekdisha, ie anything & everything that has to do with Israel no matter how adverse it is to hashem, Torah, mitzvos etc, is fine good, whereas anything & everything that is close to original authentic unadultrated pure Torah vachsidus, is posul & treif, come on try to be honest, I sure hope you can (still) be better than this. Your last words about shtreiml etc, dont have to be answered, please please dont spoil your chances its like what the h..... Is he talking about.

Anonymous said...

Umipnei chatoeinu galinu meiartseinu, were here because of our sins, & when will bettet our ways 'hayom im bekolo tishmau',

Anonymous said...

To the Anons above:


This distortion of revision of facts by Satmar begins in the Al Hagulah sefer by R' Yoilish and gobbled up by you guys as truth.
2-3 years after the'67 war, during our lifetime, he deigned to revise the very obvious historical facts and ignored the Nasser/Syrian tanks and rhetoric, a fact that not even sonei Yisroel deny. . Unbelievable... The situation just prior to the war as written by DIN is correct and known by all sane people who remembered those days.
But it won't matter to you Malaga- intoxicated groupies anyway... So further debate is as useless as last year's overrated Shabbos yapchik....
Midvar Sheker Tirchak...
However... You shkotzim & baryonim rebel against your rebbe's ban on the Internet and spend time time here regurgitating your deranged delusions ..

Sheigitz Arohss... !!!!
Shaygetz Aroyss... !!!
shay-GHATZ Arohss (Aroyss) !!!!!

the Derby... begging the yeshivish writers to please pick ONE language and stick to it. It's too much work deciphering your yeshivish/litvish mixed pig-latin babel of 4 toungues, your 71st language. Thanks in advance..
Shabbat Shalom...Have in mind the IDF & all Israelis at the Mi Shebeirachs..

Anonymous said...

Shaygitzarroys????????, rings a bell!!!!!!, if im not mistaken, this was a refrain in SATMAR, years ago, something about an internal machloke, now if I recall one comment one this blog mentioned that YOU DERBY are actually an OTD SATMAR, makes sense, your diatribe does sound like a Mara shechora tzumishter, in simple English, a confused individual, aroisgevorfin fun satmar, UN nisht arein unergetz, bekizur, the chesronos of both chasidim and mo,, it answers a lot of questions, ive never been a satmar, but I believe the way you talk about the rebbe is disgusting to most yehuddim, shows where you stand morally, just to comment on the 'facts', that the rebbe writes in Al hagula things that are not true, well all I can say, politics is not black or white,

Anonymous said...

".....if im not mistaken, this was a refrain in SATMAR, years ago, something about an internal machloke, now if I recall one comment one this blog mentioned that YOU DERBY are actually an OTD SATMAR..."

Rest assured. You ARE mistaken.
This is my last comment on the subject. As usual, you're mixing me up with the other poster Please read the anonyMOUSEs carefully 'cause I sign my comments.... I was never Satmar nor OTD, but admittedly, OTW... off the wagon ( bandwagon of the brainwashed ) when I started thinking for myself, reading books and sforim of ALL mechabers, not only the force-fed ones and having discussions with other Jews who think like me. So many of them, also OTW, were overjoyed to able to have a conversation w/o being called names and belittled.
I have a surprise for you.... Most frum Jews think like me even if they don't dress like me..( Already wrote that I wear short pantaloons, mauve sox, shoe size 11 , though I'm only a very slim 4"11 soaking wet on a good day. In public, it's the Derby, at home it's the baseball cap logoed ' I eat oatmeal" ) It's only that your side has the PR and expenses of propagating the fanatical farchumrid, farchnyukkked views thru mags,rags, newspapers and nauseating web sites along with the Israeli & other Jewish radical lefties & Muslims. We're the silent ( but not anymore ) majority.
I grew up with all types... hence I know Satmar Shaygetz AROHHHSSSS expressions as well as yeshivish... " lemeiseh, it's rooooobeh d'rooooobe shteigerei af al pee it's shverr..." and can speak to any group , of any circle,of any background in their language and even nuanced dialect. So for example there's a Satmar sect that pronounces Nachum as NOOOchUm, or Tziyonim as TziyoinUm.... stressin Um instead of IM.
Then there's the MO crowd who know little Yiddish and will say for example... Hertz Oys mir... instead of herdtz mich oys..
Stoliner generally speak with a somewhat litvish Yiddish and the 4th generation Yerushalmi,though mostly a litvish havorah, will pronounce the melupam as eeeeee like the Galitzianer, not oooooo. For example ," Bimhayruh beyomeineeeeeee."
Newly Russian immigrants will say something like: Ich dir gib duller, in dee mir gib knishinklach... nishkushe,nishkushe..

So a Sherlock Holmes you're not.

Have a great Shabbos EVERYONE of you....

the Derby

Anonymous said...

Short addendum:

I miss the old generation Litvaks;

Es iz gornit nit azay poshit.. M'darf zich ah-reinkookin in derein.Meineh ah plimenitzeh iz a kalleh gevorren..

Or the old Galitzianer;

Harschell.. Gei ah-keiggen dahn's ah vahbb.Zie shleppt zich mit di bagajjin,, Gei Tzee helf er..!!

Or the old Oberlander/ Hungarians mixing German and Yiddish:
Die uhr klappt shoen tzvelleveh... Man moost den mittag gemusseh schoen essen..

Sorry... Couldn't help it... Forgive me.. !!!

Derby... Pray for what you want... Hashem's with you.