Sunday, August 24, 2014

Finally the conclusion of the Bobov Psak Din

Reb Shlomo center, with his 2 sons, Reb Naftalche on left, Reb Benzion right

Reb Mordacha D Ungar left with Reb Benzion right, in better days

This fight is over 9 years old.

Reb Benzion Halberstam the son of Reb Shlomo Halberstam took his brother-in-law Reb Mordechai Dovid Unger to secular court, because R' Ungar called himself the "Bobover Rebbe". 
Reb Benzion, felt, that since he was  the son of the Reb Shlomo, he had the exclusive right to call himself "Bobover Rebbe".

So here is a bit of history made very simple:
Reb Shlomo Halberstam, had two sons: Reb Naftalche who was the B'chor, and Reb Benzion.

When Reb Shlomo was niftar in the year, 2,000, naturally Reb Naftalche became Bobover Rebbe. 
Reb Benzion the other son and brother, was called "Rav Hatzoer" "the younger Rebbe." 

But then, just 5 years into his reign, Reb Naftalche passed on without any sons; he only had daughters.

His youngest son-in-law, Reb Mordechai Dovid Ungar, now claimed that he was next in line to be Bobover rebbe,
 Reb Benzion said "no dice" "I'm the Rebbe, period!"

Followers of  both sides began to grab the Bobover properties, worth in the millions of dollars. 
There were fist fights between the followers of both camps. 

So finally, Reb Benzion took his brother-in-law to Bais Din, but Bais Din wasn't coming to any resolution's that was satisfactory to any of the parties, and Bais Din was dragging their feet, so they went to Secular Court, in violation of our Holy Torah in Parshas Mispatim!
But the Gentile Judge told the Holy Rabbis, that as Holy Rabbis they should go to Bais Din to resolve their differences!

So each side appointed one Rabbi and both of these Rabbis appointed an impartial third Rabbi to adjudicate the case!

After 9 years they concluded that Reb Benzion is the genuine Bobover Rebbe, and Reb Mordachi Dovid Unger can no longer call himself Bobover Rebbe, Reb Benzion keeps all the properties, just that Reb Benzion must give 6.5, million dollars to Ungar payable over 5 years.

Of course, Reb MD Ungar's camp is screaming "fowl" and says that the Bais Din was biased, even though he himself chose a Rabbi to advocate his position and that this Rabbi chose the third impartial Rabbi!

The following are some of the important highlights:

· Only R' Benzion Halberstam Shlita, the son of R' Shloime Halberstam Zatzal, can be called the "Bobov Ruv and Bobov Rebbe".

· R' Mordechai Dovid Unger and R' Shia Rubin may not be called "Bobov Ruv and Rebbe". This applies to the US and everywhere else in the world.

· It is the responsibility of Rabbis Unger and Rubin to make sure that they are not so called in any way shape or form. They must inform all newspapers and make sure that they are never so announced at weddings or anywhere else.

· It is further their responsibility to make sure that whenever someone refers to "Bobov", it is understand unequivocally to mean the faction of R' Halberstam.

· R' Unger and Rubin have the option to call themselves with an additional name of a town along with the name of Bobov, so long as the new town name comes before "Bobov". (For example they may choose to be called "Sanz Bobov" or "Rupshits Bobov". They also have the option to choose to call themselves "Bobov 45"). They must quickly choose their name. Once their choice is made, that name will become final and they may never change to a different name along with the name Bobov.

· The Unger faction may not call their Moisdos and Corporations by any of the names being currently used by Bobov. Including but not limited to: Kehal Sharei Zion, Yeshivah Bnei Zion, Bnos Zion, Mesivta Eits Chaim, Kollel Zichron Chaim, Ameidei Zion, Camps Shalva and Gila.
· The Unger faction must change their Emblems. And they may not use the same uniform for the girls as Bobov is currently using.

· EVERY SINGLE Bobov asset belongs to the faction of R' Halberstam. Including but not limited to the following buildings: New Beis Medrash, Old Beis medrash, Yeshiva buildings on 48 and 42nd streets, Mesivta buildings, Bnos Zion Buildings, Kerem Shloime Building, Mesivta camp in the Poconos, Camps Shalva, Kerem Shloime and Camp Gila.

· The Unger faction shall receive $6.2 million - to be paid out over a period of 5 years. 


srulyc said...

The judge is a shomer shabbos. Can even be considered a chareidi.

Anonymous said...

One of the gabboyim of Unger's 45 is a child molester

Dusiznies said...

To 9:26
I stand corrected, however he is now deceased
To 9:51
you are right

Dusiznies said...
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Anonymous said...

but you have no problem with the bagatz in isreal, which is worse than going to a secular court, but that is the ZIONIST court, so it has the heter of KOOK, the MATIR ASIRIM, you only have a problem with erliche yidden. Going to arkaos is of course assur, however in certain instances, a heter is given, not being involved in the bobov machlokes, I am dan lekaf zechus that they did indeed get a heter, however, the bagatz is part of the zionist gov. (plus the bagatz leirurim, which is neged hatirah), and that is yehireig veal yaavor.

Dusiznies said...

To anon 11:03
I wish I knew what you were talking about!
Bla bla bla bla zionists bla bla zionists bla bla medina bla bla

Malach HaMooovies said...

nephew...not brother in law

shmigegi said...

just in case your'e interested in the facts rabbi unger was the one to call rabbi halberstam to court

Dusiznies said...

To Shmigegi
You may very well be right!

Kiryas Bobov said...

Anonymous said...

Hello hello! Listen to this, 'derby on a bacon roll, the know it all, who gives his (uneducated) opinion on anything & everything, a fervent zioni chiloni, has know idea what the zionist begatz system is how it works, but of course if it is part of the malchus shel shmad, its ok, its ok to call someone before the bagatz, even though its much more chamur then arkaos, for which in some instances a heter beis din can be given, whereas bagatz plus beis din leirurin, which is in essence an appeals court, shehu neged hatorah, in chishen mishpat there is no such thing as a beis din for appeals, but you have no problem with that, because you are a KOOK man, and leshitas KOOK, a cow in Israel is holier than a gaon vetzadik in chutz laaretz, afra lepumei

Anonymous said...

I think it was by judge Schmidt

Dusiznies said...

to 6:33
Judge Kramer

Anonymous said...

livak dovor acher split parsa fissel with the manicure...
Why are you defying your Daas Torah and hanging out here?? Why?????????????????????????
I just walked in, only gave a cursory glance at this column, don't even know what you're talking about, have less than zero interest in Bobov ( though I once had some sheicus three), Begatz, super-rich bedatz , hisachdus haganovim, Satmar chazzer fissel split hoof, or any other cult. The subject does NOT interest me, wasn't even going to comment till I saw your chewing gum.
Relax.... drink a hot herbal tea , a mezonos roll with marmalade, take a cold shower and shteig...!!! You'll lichoyra feel a geshmack and memeileh won't have to yell.Meheiche teiseh you have to bring me in? Maybe there's a teefeh svoreh that we the hoi-poloi, the plebes , the shmendriks don't be'etzem chapp..Then it's meglich that there are pipiglech oych, as my formre melamed was once mevarer .Al kol ponim, it's not nogeya and not shayich, because mein venigkeit doesn't really care about this sugyeh. For my havanah , it's bichlall not shverr.. Lo zeh vlo zoo..!! It presents no kesher or mamoshes for mein venigkeit. L'hepech... Nisht err, nisht der anderer will be metappel with my hotzoyis.I still do hishtadlus by punching and klapping a zayger to tzee yenukah..

the Derby... Have a great day and a better one tomorrow.. Cheers...

Anonymous said...

To 7:14
You may very well be right!

chuck E gevina said...

Kindly get the facts straight:
R' Ungar took his Uncle R Halberstam to Beis Din. When he didn't like the forthcoming results, R Ungar then sued in secular court the judge kicked out the case telling both sides to go to a Bies Din. After a while R' Ungar tried again in secular court only to be told the same.
after 9 years of excessive yakking the Bies Din awarded the buildings properties and name to R Halberstam. Considering there were many who left Bobov to go to R Ungar Bies Din settled on a monetary reimbursement.

chuck E gevina said...

Oh for the record the pic of R Ungar and R Halberstam together is a fake, Photoshopped wishful dream.

Yeah and R' *******, R Ungar Gabai, IS NOT a child molester. His son used to fool around with other teens, a long long time ago.