Monday, August 25, 2014

Neo-Nazis don't like herring, Video

Maybe they think herring is a Jewish fish.

A group of neo-Nazis complained that they were assaulted with herring during a rally in Sweden.

The party of the Swedes held three rallies over the weekend without much opposition.

However, in Gothenburg, the public threw stinky herring at some members. A large police force guarded the event. Officials estimate that about 2,300 people showed up at Gotaplatsen Square to protest.

On Saturday, a demonstration against the neo-Nazi party spiraled out of control as police and protesters clashed leading to several injuries.

Ten people were taken to a hospital, five with serious injuries with one of them requiring treatment in the emergency room. Police arrested six people after taking dozens into custody.

An estimated 1,500 people gathered at Limhamn Square in Malmo, to protest a planned appearance by the leader of the party of the Swedes.


fresser said...

for your information, the swedish method of preparing herring is to let it partially rot. more than just an acquired taste, it is the most rancid tasting & smelling fish that is legally permitted to sell. there was a brand sold here in ikea stores that was at one point kosher certified by the former chief rabbi of finland but he complained to kashrus magazine that they continued to print his symbol on packaging many years after he stopped certifying it

herring has also since been greatly infested by the anisakis parasite which is why some mehadrin hashgochos are now only allowing herring as a pureed salad

Dusiznies said...

To 3:14
Last Friday's daf in Moed Katan actually says that fish tastes best just before it turns rancid!