Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Litvish Roshei Yeshiva will not allow "Achdus" In Israel,

The war in Eretz Yisroel has brought together practically ALL Jews. 
And a  wave of warm feelings for the Israel Defense Forces swept over Israel’s frum citizens in recent weeks, and was expressed in prayer, study and the recitation of Tehillim on its behalf. 

However, it turns out that not all frum people share the same sentiments.

The Litvishe Roshei Yeshivah are against this new spirit of Ahavas Yisroel. They are afraid that because of the new respect that the Heimishe & Yeshivishe Oylim has for the IDF, they, the Roshei Yeshivah, will lose their standing and clout amongst  their perspective students, since it was the Roshei Yeshivah that were constantly berating the IDF, and now the oylim sees that it was all a bunch of nonsense. 

 R' Yisroel Yitzchok Kalmanowitz, a well respected litvishe Rosh Yeshivah went into panic mode and was reported saying:

"that it's better for soldiers to die in battle than to live as sinners."

I wonder if he would be saying this if one of his grandchildren (which I'm praying happens) joined the IDF!

Rabbi Kalmanovitz is then quoted as saying the following:
“How much does the soul of a son of Israel, especially a Torah learner, need to be disgusted in order to loathe the state and its army, [which] are the greatest haters of all of the whole of Israel, inciters and agitators.”
This Kalmanovitz guy, lives in the State, has his garbage picked up by the State, has his streets paved by the State, and has his water and electricity provided by the State.
He has no Hakoras Hatoiv and we allow this fanatical hater of his fellow Jews, teach our children! 

That was followed by an editorial in the Israeli Yated Ne'eman 
“The unceasing efforts to change us became even greater during the war. The attempt to cynically exploit the emergency situation by digging spiritual terror tunnels must be rejected and expelled,” the editorial stated. It cited the haredi conscription law that passed in March as evidence of attempts to change haredi society.
“At this time when they are trying to coerce us, we must seal every crack and strengthen the weak who are more likely to be tempted,” the article read. “We must raise the walls.... Contact and connection between the haredi camp and the secular is treif [non-kosher], especially at a time like this.”

Move to Gaza, R' Yisroel! We don't need you amongst us, we are still paying the price for what the Meraglim said! 


Alter Mirrer said...

This Rabbi Kalmanowitz does come from a Litvishe mishpocho but has in essence become Chassidish. He is not exactly run of mill in various regards and for years or decades now has been hanging out in Satmar's beis medrash in Bnei Brak.

Stuff like this happens. The big posek from Kings Highway area known as Shaarim Metzuyonim baHalacha has a grandson who became a Lubavitcher & today is a dayan in Crown Heights.

Anonymous said...

Achdut was broken by chareidi not by the secular. Yated and Rabbi Auerbach to name one, and now this. Two dead Chayalim still in Gaza, and Jews living under siege. This is a disgrace and the Yeshivishe TLers need to stop referring to these haters as das Torah.This , after the nine days too.
Who cares where this Kalmanowitz comes from? Run him and the bunch like him out of town for good.