Monday, August 11, 2014

IDF successfully tests system designed to detect terror tunnels

Senior army officer says system passed lab tests, currently undergoing field testing; could be deployed around Gaza within 1 year; system will cost at least NIS 1 billion.

A system designed to detect infiltration tunnels proved successful in laboratory tests for the first time ever and is now being tested in the field, a senior IDF officer said Monday.
If the field test proves successful, the system can be deployed around the Gaza Strip within approximately one year, the officer added.

The system will cost from NIS 1 billlion to NIS 1.5 billion to deploy.
According to Israel Radio, the officer said that the IDF is also working to improve the Iron Dome.
It is believed that, in the future, Israel's enemies will try to overcome the rocket defense system by launching a number of missiles and rockets at the same time, including more advanced projectiles that can reach a greater height than those previously fired from Gaza.

The officer also touted the Trophy tank defense system for its success in saving the lives of IDF soldiers during Operation Protective Edge.
He said that the Trophy system had neutralized dozens of anti-tank missiles fired at tanks and armored personnel carriers during the operation.

The officer said that the defense establishment was in need of an additional NIS 3 billion in order to bolster Israel's ground forces.

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