Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rabbi Yaakov Tzvi Chanon, father-in-law of Rabbi Avrohom Wallis, blames death on Zionists, but people in shul tell him to make his specch in gaza!

R' Yaakov Tzvi Chanon, the father-in-law of the murdered  Radical Extremists Avrohom Wallis, blamed his son-in-law's murder, not on the Arab but on the IDF and Zionists!
Well some people in shul in Mea Shearim, would have none of that, and told him to go "preach in Gaza"... People were screaming at him while he was davening. 
The Meshiginar , Yaakov Tzvi Chanon

At least one person shouted, “Go to Gaza! This is your place, the where you can make your speeches!”
The confrontation almost sparked a riot.
According to Bechadrei Chadorim, Chanon is a member of the of Mishkenot Haroim  and is known as a fanatic and extremist.. He  travels to the US where he serves as a Baal Tefilah  in the two main Satmar synagogues in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Chanon’s speech at his son-in-law’s funeral angered  Mea Shearim Charedim who reportedly felt that during a war, and when Chanon’s son-in-law was killed by a terrorist, Chanon’s words were inappropriate.
Here is his sick and demented Hespid in yiddish, but I decided not to translate his crazy rant!

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