Sunday, August 3, 2014

Auschwitz stops Jews from singing "Ani Maamin" the song that millions sang before they were murdered

The following is via Truth Revolt:

On Friday, August 1st, local police arrested Rabbi Rafi Ostroff, the leader of a group of visiting Australian and South African students, for singing the same songs Jews sang as they marched to their deaths. 

Security officials at Auschwitz I twice requested that the group cease their singing. Auschwitz-Birkenau officials again requested they cease singing and subsequently summoned police.

It seems that the new wave of Auschwitz security guards, little better than their 1940’s predecessors, have a different agenda. For the first time since January 1945, it seems that proud Jews are no longer safe at Auschwitz.

Members of the group, including some with grandparents who had been incarcerated, some perishing, in Auschwitz, locked arms and began to sing songs. They sang lyrics like “Am Yisrael Chai” and “Ani Maamin….” 
At this point, guards approached Rabbi Ostroff and demanded that he make the group stop. Said Rabbi Ostroff, “I told him that I don’t have control over this as they are singing from their hearts. He then threatened to arrest me and called the police.”

When local police arrived, they seized Rabbi Ostroff and threatened him with 24-hour imprisonment or a 1,000 zl fine (roughly $320), while the group continued to sing. Rather than remain incarcerated in a Polish prison over Shabbo, Rabbi Ostroff paid the fine and rejoined his group.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they have rules about decorum at that place and singing isn't proper nor appropriate there. If that's the case, then it's understandable.It's hard to see why people want to sing there anyway, it's not an opera house.

Anonymous said...

Anon is correct, one of the rules calls for proper solemnity and respect. There are specific rules when visiting Auschwitz which visitors are apprised of. This rabbi had no business breaking the rules as much as what he did is understandable. They're also listed on the blog site Auschwitz-Birkenau .

Rule 26 states,
Entry onto the Museum grounds constitutes acceptance of these regulations. Legal measures as provided for by the applicable statutes will be taken against persons who do not follow these rules.

The rabbi needs to stop making a stink and chillyul Hashem and get himself publicity. Shame on him.

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Anonymous said...

Rabbi Ostrof is a publicity hound. Nobody sings at cemeteries.