Thursday, August 21, 2014

What They Didn’t Tell You About That Wedding of Israeli Jew to a Muslim

You may have seen the Reuters or AFP articles about an Israeli Jewish woman who married a Palestinian Muslim Arab. The media coverage on this–there are articles on every major news site–is replete with usual, robotic narrative descriptions of “right wing Jews” who protested and other negative descriptions regarding the Jewish reactions. The woman is an idiot–much like the stupid White (and Black) women who marry these men in America.

But here’s what the article didn’t tell you:

1) The wedding happened in Rishon LeTzion, Israel, where it was allowed to take place peacefully and with absolutely no violence. 

How many weddings between a Jewish man and a Muslim woman would take place in Gaza City or Ramallah with the bridge and groom living to tell about it?
Answer: NONE. 
On the day that hell freezes over and that happens, then that will actually merit a news story. In fact, Muslims and Islam do NOT allow a Muslim woman to marry out of the faith. And we all know of the many honor killings that Muslim fathers, brothers, and mothers commit against their daughters merely for dating non-Muslim men in the West.

2) The Israeli Jewish woman converted to Islam, which she was required to do to marry the Palestinian Muslim man. If a Muslim woman converted to Judaism to marry a Jewish man, then you would not just see protests, you would see death fatwas from Muslims and their clerics on the life of the woman and her new husband. In fact, Islam and Muslims allow a Jew (or Christian) to convert to Islam to marry a Muslim, but the opposite is punishable by death. 

Again, if that happened, you would not see protests, you would see a river of blood and dead bodies. This is the stuff honor killings are made of. 
And, yet, did the Jews honor kill this idiotic Israeli woman? Nope. 

She and the hubby will be able to go back to live in peace in their Jaffa, Israel apartment. But a Jewish couple in which one of the spouses had converted from Islam to Judaism would not be able to return to an apartment anywhere in the Muslim world and survive the night.

3) The Palestinian Muslim groom worked overtime to try to stifle the free speech of demonstrators who opposed the wedding, going to court to try to silence protesters. But he failed. This is also another stark difference with the wedding taking place in Israel, where a liberal democracy respects the speech and other civil rights of its citizens (though Israel often goes overboard to protect Muslims from being offended, and a woman was put in prison for years for putting a picture of Mohammed as a pig in her window–an outrageously repressive case).

If the wedding had taken place in Gaza City or Ramallah, there would be no protests and those protesting would be tortured to death and cut up into pieces like slaughtered halal chickens (and, yes, Muslims take great pains to slaughter humans so that it is the halal way–slashing them in an Eastern way toward Mecca).

4) Various top officials of the Israeli government, including its President and Justice Minister, went out of their way to denounce the protesters and gush over this silly and, frankly, tragic wedding

A member of Binyamin Netanyahu’s cabinet attended this politically-correct “celebration.” If a Muslim converted to Judaism to marry a Jew, you would see NO Muslim leader either in attendance or gushing over this. In fact, they would strongly condemn it.

And, really, the Israeli government had no business budding in and commenting about the wedding, much less attending it. Since Israel is a Jewish State, they know better. We Jews view conversion to another religion and/or marriage to someone outside the faith as a cause for mourning the Jewish transgressor’s death. 

No, unlike Muslims we don’t kill anyone or go on violent rampages. We are civilized. But we see that this Jew is tragically abandoning his or her faith, and a whole world of descendants is lost to our religion. That is why I join the father of this stupid Israeli Jewish woman–thinking with her vagina above all reason–in mourning her death, but especially the death of her brain.

The bride, Morel Malka (some reports say she is Maral Malka–but soon she will be Hamida or Fatima or some other such slave name), wore a sleeveless, strapless, overstuffed wedding gown with her zaftig chest falling out. 

She’d better get used to being covered up as Mrs. Mahmud Mansur (some reports say he’s Mahmoud Mansur, as most of her her relatives were entirely covered up, including wearing the Muslim female headscarves of oppression and subjugation. 

The Jews left slavery thousands of years ago. And she must not know that, since she just rejoined the ranks of the enslaved. Her maiden surname, Malka, means “queen,” and so it is fitting that she leaves it behind as she lowers herself to join this religion of savage Jew-haters.

Finally, I don’t exactly understand why this particular story made the news (other than to use it to make Jews look far more extreme and intolerant than the actually far more extremist and intolerant Muslims around the world). This is, sadly, not the first Israeli Jewish woman who foolishly and dangerously chose to convert to Islam and marry a Muslim Palestinian Arab man. 
There have, unfortunately, been many of those.

But, eventually, a number of these women wake up, after they’ve become badly beaten and battered and abused wives. Sadly, it is always too late at that point because they’ve had children with the Muslim men and are not allowed to take the children with them as they try to escape. The children are enslaved in Islam forever, and that is exactly why we Jews mourn the deaths of the women who do this: they’ve abandoned Judaism forever. And even when they realize that was a mistake, they leave a whole world of their descendants behind to the oppression and tyranny that is life in Islam.

Three Israeli teenagers were just murdered by these people, and you’re gonna marry one? Moron-ette if there ever was one.
Morel Malka Mansur will learn that soon enough. And, again, it will be too late, no thanks to the Israeli government officials who praise this union with an evil totalitarian lifestyle.

The bell of jihad cannot be unrung.


Hands Up! Shmarya Dont Shoot! said...

You should have seen the Failed Blob doing backflips over this story with about a half dozen posts and screaming RACIST multiple times a sentence being he is so bent out of shape that anyone would actually have a problem with such a marriage.

He is like the Adam Shapiro of perpetual bachelorhood.

Anonymous said...

Response to..
1) since she converted to Islam their wedding would have had taken place in Gaza without any tensions. The reason they married on the Israeli side of the border is because they are BOTH Israelis.

2) that's why we are Israel and not Saudis and we're proud to be a civilized country. This protest and such activism could be a turn back to the dark ages (such as it happened to Iran in 1979) and that's why the general public is upset with the radicals.

3) again as for #2 (going to court to challenge a protest is as democratic as the protest itself)

4) Israel is NOT a Jewish state, it is a democratic state designed to be a "homeland for the Jewish people". Of course there are some radicals who wants to switch to a Jewish state but roughly 90 percent of its citizens aren't ready to accept that in any case.

b. Define me her father's Jewishness and I'll try to convince her to leave her love for it

c. Your talking about slavery among the ordinary Arabs itches my ears as reading the Gazans discussing our ritual of using gentile blood in our matzos.

Finally, statistics doesn't show higher rate of domestic violence at the Arab population than at the Jewish (except for the Bedouins). Unfortunately abusive partners is a plague in western societies (estimated to %25) and it is to hope that the Mansurs and all the rest of the world's population to be on lucky %75 side until DV phenomenon cease to exist.

Dusiznies said...

To anon 5:00PM
You write:
"Finally, statistics doesn't show higher rate of domestic violence at the Arab population than at the Jewish (except for the Bedouins). Unfortunately abusive partners is a plague in western societies (estimated to %25) and it is to hope that the Mansurs and all the rest of the world's population to be on lucky %75 side until DV phenomenon cease to exist."
You are a liar, your idotic stats are a bunch of huey!

Anonymous said...

I'll take your disagreement with my final point as an agreement on all the rest

Twilight Zone said...

What an odd and lengthy comment from 5 pm!

Even most seculars say Israel is a Jewish State according to what their understanding of it is.

There IS still slavery in the Arab world which even the Arab butt kissing US State Dept admits.

Barbara Boxer said...

Yidden are influenced by the goyish culture in whatever country they come from. That's why Hungarians love crystal chandeliers more than from other countries and that's why Sefardim from Arab countries beat their wives more than Ashkenazim.

Anonymous said...

Statistics may not show more domestic abuse among Arabs than others, has any study looked at whether Arabs are more likely to abuse a (converted) Jewish wife?
Anecdotal evidence (just ask Lev L'Achim) suggests that they (and their relatives) are far more likely
to do so than in the case of an ordinary Arab wife.