Friday, August 1, 2014

Kidnapped Soldier was a Yeshiva Student

 Sources are reporting that the captured israel Lieutenant, 23 year-old Hadar Goldin, hails from a family of British immigrants and is a cousin to Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon. ( reports that Lt. Goldin also has a twin brother Citrus with whom he graduated the IDF’s officer’s academy last October, and two months ago he became engaged.

At the Goldin family home this morning in Kfar Sava, where Hadar and Citrus’ parents live along with their two siblings, a family friend told reporters that the Goldin family is concerned and hoping for Hadar’s safe return.
“The parents who are Orthodox Jews from the religious Zionists party are very optimistic and are hoping for the best,” the friend said, while adding that the family is in shock over the news involving Hadar, who he described as a “charming guy” and a “musician in addition to being an officer.”
IDF counselors and medical specialists have also arrived to aid the Goldin family as they await any word on Hadar.
Sources say Hadar and his twin brother Citrus have been inseparable almost their entire lives, having studied together at Bar Ilan elementary school and then attendeding a yeshiva high school before joining the army.
The brothers also spent years together serving as youth counselors in Bnei Akiva until, for the first time in their lives, they were separated by their IDF assignments following officers’ school graduation.
The brothers explained their first time separation during an interview last October immediately following graduation, saying that despite being apart for the first time they hoped they could continue to meet at home with their family to observe Shabbat on certain Fridays.
During that interview, Hadar explained how much his relationship with his twin brother meant to him during officer’s training.
“We had to complete many tests that would have left a lot of other guys not knowing what to do, but because my brother and I have done so much learning together we both knew exactly what the other was thinking. What better way to understand the material when you’ve done as much learning together as we have.”
The brothers also spoke proudly of their family, saying, “We grew up with a love for the people and the country, even our grandparents participated in and survived the War ofI Independence, and our father is a reserve battalion commander. Our family has always stressed living good lives, with a lot of love and especially a lot of education so that we will know how to make good decisions.”

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