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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Yitchok Meir Schwartz that "Went Off the Derech" Marries off his Chareidie Daughter!


Abe said...

I don't think Yotzchok Meir went completely off the derech. He still holds by an important chasidishe takana and he's also not wearing a tie either.

Ma Rabbi said...

Whats the story here?

Joe Putz said...

Zet men he still keeps one chassidishe hanhuga. Top button on shirt is buttoned with no tie.

Dusiznies said...

One pictures = One thousand stories ;)

Unknown said...

too much money, too much ego and arrogance.

it's so sad, he has lovely parents and family, and they are all utterly devastated by his flagrant "in your face" attitude.

I know plenty chasidishe guys who cant get enough znus, and some are even know for this, but they still feel the need to keep up appearances even if only for their family's sake.

YMS (isn't that the same as yimach shemo?) is such an "honest" person that his conscience doesn't allow him to put up a false appearance.

lovely chinuch there.