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Sunday, June 5, 2016

The photo of the Satmar Rebbitzen You Will Never See

The Rebbettizin pushed herself up on the stage with the men  and no one dared throw her off!

The rules that Satmar has, that women should't be among men, are only for the naive Chassidim doesn't apply to the Rebbes!

Subsequent photos have the Rebbitzzin Photoshopped out!

Don't get me wrong...I think it's a beautiful thing for a rebbitzzen to be so concerned for her husband that she wanted to be near him...and keep her eye on him ....he doesn't look well in this photo.
But why then are they stopping other wives from sitting next to their husbands??? hmmmm1


Sam Kay said...

Rebitzen Alte Feiga was the catapult behind her husband The Grand Rebbe ...
She would call the shots as the lady of steel ...
The Bnei Yoel faction are great admirers of her as the uncrowned queen of her Chasidim ...

Anonymous said...

Even the Rebbe himself who waged war a fearless war against all the GEDOLIM of his generation,but when it came to his rebetzin FAIGE he absolutely turned into a spineless mush,whereby his one and only surviving daughter for years could not enter her own fathers house as her evil and manipulative step mother forbade her entry.
Just ask any of the old timers in Satmar and they will tell you all about this heartbreaking story with all it's gory details.


Gribetz said...

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Getter said...

Anonymous said...

Hey Posek Hador, what's better a wife being concerned about the health of her husband or a wife being more concerned about her dog and afterwards her husband?