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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Shimon Yisroel Meisels 5-year-old motherless child dies after falling from balcony on 5th floor

200 Wallabout Street in Williamsburg - Balcony to the left of the bright white window lights (. Roy Renna/

 Hatzolah Emergency crews in Williamsburg were called to a multi-family home early this afternoon, after a small child fell from a fifth-floor porch.
5 year-old Shimon Yisroel Meisels fell from the porch at 200 Wallabout Street and Lee Avenue, shortly before 08:00 P.M.
The child was in critical condition when taken by ambulance to Brooklyn hospital, but later succumbed to the injuries and passed away.
Shimon Yisroel is the grandson of Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Meisels, Shopron Rav of Williamsburg.
Ironically Shimon Yisroel lost his mother two years ago from a terminal illness.


Sam Kay said...

Accountability ...?
Neglect ...?
Child abuse ...?

Sam Kay said...

אַל-תַּשְׁלִיכֵנִי, לְעֵת זִקְנָה;

Anonymous said...

Your father
Your mother
Child abuse...?
Well you were never a child, you were born a monkey grown up a donkey and finally you decided to to be a disgusting pig

Anonymous said...


william gran said...

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Anonymous said...

There is no question that there was at minimum major neglect.