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Monday, June 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton called Jews "Stupid Ki__S and Disabled Children F___ing Retards!

  • Bill Clinton's former lover Dolly Kyle claims the Clinton couple regularly used racial epithets in her new book, Hillary: The Other Woman

  • She writes that Hillary was caught on record blurting out the terms 'stupid k**e' and 'f***ing Jew b*****d'

  • She says Bill called the Reverend Jesse Jackson a 'Goddamned n****r' 

  • Hillary was heard calling mentally challenged children 'f*****g ree-tards' and caught on record blurting out the terms 'stupid k**e and 'f***ing Jew b*****d', while Bill called the Reverend Jesse Jackson a 'G**damned n****r'.
    Bill was also sued several times by blacks and Hispanics for violations of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.


    Sam Kay said...

    Saint Hillary is immuned from all these racial epithets ...
    After all she has the blessings of The Grand Rabbis of Eretz Goshen KJ
    as well as the top brass of OU Rabbi Menachem Genack ...

    Jungle Fever said...

    That still didn't stop Bill as Gov. from having Arkansas State Troopers drive him to Little Rock's shvartzer geggen to be mezaneh with welfare queens & prostitutes. There is a man Danny Williams who is a shvartza lookalike of Bill. His shvartza zoyna mother was once mefarsem Bill is the father but then quickly shut up & refused to talk. She was obviously warned very strongly. Many people who knew dirt on Bubba where found murdered under strange circumstances including 2 people run over by a train and the entire flight to Paris that blew up off Long Island which had some Clinton enemies aboard who were supposed to testify in front of the special prosecutor for Whitewater. One Clinton enemy talking too much was poisoned but survived.

    Anonymous said...

    What else is new?