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Sunday, June 5, 2016

72 Virgins waiting for Moshe Beck leader of Neturei Karta that was rushed to Hospital

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Moshe Beck with Iranian Murderer Ahmedinajad
Image result for Moshe beck with iranian
Moshe Beck Yemach Shemo, leader of the Jewish Nazi party called Neturei karta, had a stroke and was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. 

According to the blog B'oilom Shel Chareidim, Neturei Karta guys are running to Yassir Araft's grave to be mispallel for his recovery. Meanwhile Mohammad is preparing 72 virgins for him!
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JJJ said...

On Liberation and Contempt: The Origin of a Nasty Myth

Saul said...

The 72 virgins aren't what was expected:

Anonymous said...

I guess he must be a real erliche yid since he's zoicha to be attacked and cursed on this toilet site
But one thing is definite many many pigs and pots of shit is awaiting you when you'll join yoshka, th, shatz and kook-kakale YM"S

Sam Kay said...

Moshe Beck another honorary citizen of Monsey NY a stronghold of Neturei Karta ...

Dusiznies said...

The Virgins cant wait to meet you too!

Abe said...

Rumor has it that his first wife ( I think her name is Farbisinne ) remains a virgin to this very day. Reliable sources have stated that the Satmar rebbe permitted him a second wife after the first one refused to consummate the wedding because of his obnoxious garlic breath.
This has been kept a secret in Monsey because the rebbe fears that if it gets out, all of his chasidim will demand second wives .

South Monsey said...

The meshumod Gindoff vus voint mit a shvartza & has made problems for heimishe around the Chestnut Ridge - Airmont border was arrested 6 months ago. His sister was the rebbitzen of a big Litvishe poisek. By her levaya a few years ago they mentioned everyone in the mishpuche except him.

Spiegel's shul said...

A fake check scam may lead to very real punishment for a Ramapo man, according to police.

Jonathan Gruenebaum, 40, faces two felony charges for allegedly depositing fake checks at Apple Bank last month, Ramapo police Detective Lt. Mark Emma said.

Between Nov. 24 and Nov. 30, Gruenebaum allegedly deposited four fake checks, worth a total of more than $1,000, at the bank at 75 Route 59 in Monsey, Emma said. He then allegedly withdrew cash from the bank, which discovered the scam and alerted police.

Gruenebaum was arrested on Thursday and arraigned in Ramapo Town Court on charges of second-degree forgery and fourth-degree grand larceny. He is being held in the Rockland County jail on $2,500 bail and is due back in court on Dec. 8.

Anonymous said...

will he prepare 72 virgins, or a 72 year old virgin