Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Yosef Zeigler Arrested in Monsey by FBI for Robbing Banks

The FBI on Tuesday captured a 29-year-old Rockland man who they said robbed banks in Park Ridge, Pomona and elsewhere by claiming to have a bomb, Daily Voice has learned.
Yosef Ziegler was taken into custody in Airmont early Tuesday by a team of law enforcement officers and agents led by the bureau from the jurisdictions where the banks were robbed, official sources said.
Ziegler, of Spring Valley, is accused of making off with what investigators told Daily Voice was $32,000 from an Oritani Bank branch on Kinderkamack Road in Park Ridge this past April after claiming to have a bomb in what looked like a pizza delivery bag.
“He ordered the bank’s tellers to go into the vault area and instructed one teller to put money in the bag,” the FBI said at the time.
He then fled in a vehicle that witnesses said might have been a white minivan.
Four months earlier, authorities said, he held up a Chase Bank branch in the Pacesetter Shopping Center on Route 202 in Pomona while carrying a box that he claimed contained explosives.
The FBI said he “specifically demanded cash secured in the back of the bank,” then “exited through the back with an undisclosed amount of money.”
In the Park Ridge holdup, Ziegler allegedly wore a bicycle helmet with a baseball cap underneath, a gray sweatshirt, black gloves and glasses.
The former Brooklyn resident was also carrying a blue bag that he claimed contained a bomb, authorities said.


cyrano said...

With the high price of yeshiva tuition and/or Jewish weddings. I guess some people have no choice but to rob a bank in order to come up with the money.

Anonymous said...

He is divorced I know his family

Greedy Yeshiva Tuition Collector said...


9 Stetner St in Spring Valley & before that 1347 48th St in Boro Park

Dont know much about Geography said...

Updates say he lives in Airmont and it seems he moved from Spring Valley to 12 Margetts. The reporters need a map because that address is 2 blocks outside Airmont in Chestnut Ridge, across the street from Klatzko's kiruv shul.

Because Ziegler is divorced, he might be one of the pathetic heimisher vos loyfen dort to Klatzko. Based on another HUGE LOSER who was a regular there, what was driving him that Klatzko was a big attraction? Veil er CHOLOMT that secular background maydelach by Klatzko will be falling over each other to be zoyche to a "catch" like him!

Mendel said...


Anonymous said...

Without permission to have internet, what other choice did he have to pay the huge amounts he was ordered to pay to his ex wife.

Ordered by corrupt judges who are "friendly to Jews" and share the spoils with the Monsey askanim (activists, but these activists are really secret police for their Rabbi, who play the role of activists "who help their victims").

Dont know much about the French I took said...

Which huge loser vus dreit zich bei Klatzko? The guy who can't decide if he's clean shaven Tuna Beigel or bearded chussid with the gantz lvush? And his father (maybe huger on the loser scale) is the French Sfardi who is a Satmar or Toldos Aharon wannabe? I thought Mr. "big catch" somehow got married & moved away.

Anonymous said...

finely a real bank robber

Anonymous said...

finely a real jewish bank robber

Another Ziegler arrested in Monsey said...


any relation?