Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Satmar Chassidim Flying Back to New York in First Class.......After Rebbe's Donation to Anti-Israel Institutions "Won't Even Cover Bread & Milk"

The entire Satmar trip was a joke on Israel's poor that supposedly don't take money from the medina...
The Rebbe brought $5 million dollars for 150 moisdois that means that each moisad gets approximately $30,000.00 which cannot even cover lunch and supper for the students, however not all moisdois even got the $33,000.00 some only received 10,000.00 while others received $5,000.00

The litvushi donors like Rechnitz etc bring millions of dollars each year and distribute them to ALL Jews without inquiring if they get funds from the medina..
they arrive without motorcades without any 
fanfare ...
They don't fly on private Jets

So while the Rebbes chassidim are flying back on first class  browsing their Iphones 

Most Williamsburg residents are fearing for their very lives as goyim beat the living daylights out 
of them on a daily basis..

Rabbi Baruch Shimshon Hager who has a Moised in Bet Shemesh yelled yesterday that he received only $8,000.00 which is less than $2.00 for each child

The Satmar Rebbe was scheduled to lay a cornerstone for a Bais Yaakov in Bet Shemesh but the Rebbe cancelled it after he heard that  the menahal of the school Rabbi Eizenstein chastised the Rebbe for being a hypocrite taking money from New York State Board of Education

"ess is lebedik" 

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Carbon footprint said...

Rechnitz DOES have a private jet