Monday, November 4, 2019

Goyim Are Beating the Hell Out of Jews in Boro-Park and Jews are Quiet ...

I am old enough to remember when the Satmar Rebbe of Monroe, Rabbi Aron Teitelbaum parroted the meraglim and said that a Jew cannot move to Israel because he is in mortal danger ... turns out that more Jews were murdered last year in the US than in 10 years in Israel... 
Jews are being beaten in Boro-Park, Crown Heights and Williamsburg on a daily basis and their only hope for safety is Mayor DeBlasio! 
Most assaults are not even reported!
Multiple victims were assaulted in what the Boro Park community is calling a string of hate crimes.
Sources say that the disturbing incidents started at around 12:20AM (Friday night / Shabbos morning) on New Utrecht Avenue and 53rd Street. As can be seen in a video,  a vehicle stops, a few men jump out and begin chasing two Hasidic boys down the street. The victims managed to get away.
A few minutes later, the same pack of thugs drove down 48 Street near the Bobover Bais Medrash, and drove past a Hasidic man walking. They punched the man from the car and drove away.

A third attack was carried out – this one on 14th Avenue and 51st Street. In the third incident, a Hasidic victim was punched as well.
In yet a fourth incident, a Hasidic man was punched at 14th Avenue and 55th Street.
Sources say that the victims who were chased are hesitant to make reports with the NYPD, as even if the suspects are arrested, they will only be charged with “harassment”.
A video was secured by Boro Park Shomrim, who at this point, the community feels has a better job of apprehending these suspects, then the NYPD.
Boro Park residents can feel safe and secure as NYC Mayor DeBlasio will most definitely fire off a tweet shortly. The wording will most likely say “Hate has no place in this city. Anyone committing a hate crime will be arrested and charged with a serious crime….”.
Orthodox Jews in New York City have lots of faith in the Mayor. Afterall, he can most definitely list the suspects and the jail sentences handed down following the last 100 hate crimes. Right?
He is way too busy with “resisting Trump”. After-all, the city’s new head lawyer, Jim Johnson, appointed by De Blasio Thursday, said targeting Trump would be his “No. 1 job”. This administration is obsessed with fighting Trump, and not fighting HATE.
Boro Park has recently been hit with multiple hate crimes. Below are links to just a a few incidents reported by YWN:


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"...turns out that more Jews were murdered last year in the US than in 10 years in Israel..."

Do you have a source for this ?