Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Beating of Jews In Williamsburg Continues ..... Chasidic Teen Punched In The Face In Unprovoked Attack

While the leader of the Williamsburg Chassidim is frolicking and being flown in private Jets around the world, goyim are beating the crap out of his followers. 

Hate struck the Jewish community in NYC again, this time in Williamsburg.
It happened at around 5:00PM at Marcy Avenue and Myrtle Avenue, when an African American male punched a Hasidic teen in the face.
Thanks to the fast response of Williamsburg Shomrim and the NYPD, the suspect was immediately taken into custody.
The 13-year-old victim was treated by Hatzolah on the scene. Thankfully, he did not require being transported to the hospital.
Charges are pending.


Bernie said...

Another nigger attacker

Anonymous said...

There's no mitzvah to live in Willy, no matter what these yahoos think.