Monday, November 11, 2019

Boro Park Mother And Child Egged By Pack Of Thugs in Broad Daylight

A fifth anti-Semitic egging took place in Boro park on Sunday afternoon, brining the number of attacks this weekend to five.
Boro Park Shomrim released footage of the latest attack. Watch how an innocent mother and child are walking down the street, when a pack of anti-Semitic animals approach them from behind, throw eggs, and run away.
Several Boro Park locations were targeted in a Motzei Shabbos “egging spree,” the latest in a string of hate crimes targeting Hasidic Jews.
Boro Park Shomrim tweeted “Shomrim volunteers and police are on scene investigating the egging of a shul on Dahill Road.”
The one Dahill Rd area that were egged include a Shul, girls school, bus, and multiple residences, the report said. Khal Bnei Torah Sanz, was one target.
Boro Park Shomrim released video footage of an egg being thrown at the Sanzer Bais Medrash.
The group of youths are seen passing the Shul, and when the door is opened, an egg was hurled inside. They managed to get away prior to fast-responding Boro Park Shomrim and NYPD.
The Belzer girls school in the area was targeted as well.
The report said police are investigating the incidences.
This latest attack comes just one day after one suspect turned himself in from last Shabbos’  attacks, which targeted at least four separate people – in four separate locations.


Fred said...

I'm sure idiot DeBlasio would blame this on right wing extremism, Donald Trump, and white supremacy. Regardless that most of the criminals are Black, and Trump received very few votes from these districts.

Anonymous said...

This is how the holocaust started in Europe. We need to stop following leaders who make us steal government money and goyims (gentiles) money. We need to live within means and / or educate ourselves and earn more the calm and honest way.

The leaders do it to enrich themselves and have power on us uneducated and oppressed sheeple. Jewish leaders need to be egged before it's too late. We will die in gas chambers and the Jewish leaders will escape.

The leaders will start everything again in China as if they are big tzadikim (righteous ones) and escaped with nissim (miracles).