Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Stick with Netanyahu or face a lethal Two-State Solution & 600 Hundred pound war-heads from "West Bank"

I am not a Benjamin Netanyahu groupie.  I am not a Benjamin Netanyahu fan. 

 I will admit Prime Minister Netanyahu takes many positions that are not as solidly against the Two-State Solution as I would like.  
But, and this is a big “but,” at the moment, Benjamin Netanyahu is the best chance we have in our fight to save Israel from dismemberment at the hands of Benny Gantz and his band of Two-State Solution messianics, supported by Israel-hating Arab MKs. 

If Gantz becomes Prime Minister, and you are an Anglo living here, better check your American/UK passport because Israel will be finished.  

Any attempt by Likud to betray Netanyahu now will bring about that party's demise and that of Israel. 

Either stand behind Netanyahu, or prepare to see 600 pound war-headed mortar shells from the 'West Bank' hitting Tel Aviv by 2022.

I met Benny Gantz about five years ago and I knew within a few minutes that he was a crypto-Two-State Solution believer.  I spent about half an hour showing him my 3-D map of Israel in Palm Beach. I was polite, but I could tell he was a putting on a strong façade and was really a unilateral retreat supporter.

When I showed him my material highlighting the 20 kilometer katyusha launch that would be fired from a  'West Bank' state into Tel Aviv, he exclaimed to me “We’re strong!”.

I asked him “Do you mean you are strong enough to reinvade the 'West Bank'?”” and, he said “Yes. We are strong so we can reinvade.” 

I knew from that point on that Gantz was delusionary, but I was polite and took him for lunch at the fancy Four Seasons Hotel.  It was clear that he would create a 'West Bank' Palestinian Arab State if he ever became Prime Minister 

What Gantz means when he says, “We are strong!” is not “We are strong, and we will remain strong in the face of Arab and Muslim genocidal hatred.” 

Benny Gantz really means, 
“We are strong now, so we can afford to weaken ourselves and create a 'West Bank' State, and absorb katyusha rockets into Tel Aviv.” 

Gantz only appears to have the strength of a general leading his men into battle, but this is mere bravado, wrapped in a canard. 

Gantz, if given the power, will unilaterally pull out of the 'West Bank', all the while falsely claiming that he’s “strong!,” when he is actually pitifully weak.  Gantz’s thinking that he will be “strong” enough to reinvade the 'West Bank' after a rocket attack only means he is delusional.

I never really met Netanyahu.  
Actually, that’s not true. 
I met Netanyahu as he rudely threw me and my father out of his Likud office when I was showing one of his advisers my 3-D map of Israel. 

 Do I think Netanyahu is perfect? Far from it.  

But, the left-wing forces and some Likud power-hungry competitors are trying to kick Netanyahu when he is down.  You don’t kick someone who has defended Israel as Netanyahu has defended Israel when he is down. 

You may assume the left is cheering on Netanyahu’s Likud attackers.  Therefore, protecting Netanyahu now is protecting Israel.  

Without his leadership, Likud and the Right will crumble and succumb to a Gantz-led drive for a Palestinian Arab State in the 'West Bank'.

Before you kick a hero of Israel when he’s down, ask yourself why they are attacking him.  

The answer is that he is the only thing standing between Israel and a Two-State solution leading to no-Israel.  

So, stick with Netanyahu until the bitter end, or the end of Israel will come to pass before you know it.

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