Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Brisker Rosh Yeshiva Mocks Calling the Satmar Rebbe "Holy"

Rav Soloveitchik, Brisk Rosh Yeshiva, reportedly (not verified) laughed when he saw signs welcoming the Satmar Rebbe stating:
"Honorable Holy & Holy Honorable" Rebbe of Satmar !

He asked:
"What's Holy?"
"He himself? For sure not!"
"Maybe the money"


Brisker said...

I tried telling you in the past you were mistaken when lumping Brisk together with Satmar.

If I can spell a couple of things out

Satmar is opposed to the overall Zionist ideology and attacks anyone even disagreeing with but still tolerating Zionism as a koifer.

The issues Brisk has is not with Zionism itself, but A. that many Zionists are in error in it's applications, and more alarmingly B. that there are lowlife chilonim who completely misrepresent themselves as Zionist who they will literally murder anyone standing in the way of their politics. Hence, the halacha concept of "choshud b'retzicha" is vocally applied to them in Brisker circles. Because of this, Brisk will virtually never demonstrate against Zionists like Satmar does. The Brisker Rov did allow the odd exception based on Chazal like if we know for a fact a place they are digging up to be mevazeh has Yiddishe kevorim.

Neturei Karta agav asked the Brisker Rov to be their posek. He declined, telling his talmidim that Neturei Karta really has no respect for rabbonim, they are only driven by their fanatical anti-Zionism and will attack their own posek if he puts halacha before politics.

Berel said...

Whoever tweeted this probably doesn't know the difference between "Kedushas HaGuf" and "Kedusas Domim" in Gemara that RAY is referring to.

anonymous said...

That joke really gets lost in translation!

Dusiznies said...

Whoever commented on this .... doesn't get that this is a joke with a "play on words" .......
relax and enjoy ....

anonymous said...

Yes, we know it's a "play on words" . Which is exactly why, as I say, it gets so lost in translation!