Thursday, November 28, 2019

The Two Dead Guys Found in an AirBnb Yerusalyim Apt Were Chareidie.

According to insiders, the two young men found dead in an airbnb apartment in Jerusalem were "Heimishe 20 year-old Buchrim .... They had rented the apartment for 2 days ..
Apparently they overdosed!

Two young men were found unconscious on Saturday night in an apartment on Jerusalem's Jabotinsky Street.

Magen David Adom (MDA) paramedics declared their death.
Dr. Michael Herman, an on-call MDA doctor, said:
"When we arrived at the scene they led us to the apartment. We saw two young men in their 20s who were unconscious."
"They had no pulse and were not breathing. We performed medical examinations and we were left with no choice but to declare their deaths."


Anonymous said...

You are wrong.
They did not OD.
They were not heimish.
Get your facts straight.
As a first responder, I was there.

Dusiznies said...

I was at the levayeh .....Read Hapeles ....

shmilu said...

they were of the d brothers, and it does not seem to be an ovwedose fromwhat i read.sorry

Anonymous said...

They were born Haimish and I knew one of the brothers. They were thrown out of their home for being OTD. They spent time in the UK. Shloime was one of the friendliest people I knew. Warm hearted despite the hell they had lived through. I mourn the loss of a beautiful, tortured soul. I know that not many others will tip their heads to their memory. They deserve it.