Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Ezras Nashim Will Not Be Given Ambulance License In Boro Park .... Askanim Jumping For Joy!

The NYC Regional EMS Council denied the application of the Ezras Nashim (aka Chasdei Devorah Inc.) Organization to operate their own ambulance within Boro Park and Kensington.
Three weeks ago there was an open forum where Ezras Nashim officially requested their Certificate of Need (CON).
On Tuesday night a vote was held, and the application was denied:
  • 7 voted in favor
  • 12 votes against
  • 5 Abstentions
  • 2 absent
The chairwoman said Ezras Nashim did not have the 14 vote majority to pass it or fail it. Ezras Nashim is likely to appeal this and take this up to Albany for a fight.
Everyone in the EMS world knows that Hatzalah is an old boys club. 
Do they do good work? 
Of course — all EMTs and medics save lives, just like attorneys win trials and rebbeim teach Torah. But the maysim tovim that are inherent in our jobs do not negate our wrongdoing — I don’t have a free pass to shamayim because I work as a paramedic myself.
I think the fact that Hatzalah hired attorneys and got involved in this chukos akum matter really speaks to their hypocrisy. 
Additionally, why under any circumstances would a Hatzalah member actively advocate something that would prevent them from seeing a woman without clothing? 
Sure, it’s mutar and an emergency is an emergency, but if it can be avoided in the first place, that’s always preferable. To me, it smacks of politics and money, its sad klal yisroel has come to this. We need moshiach more than ever.
And to the brave members of Ezras Nashim – remember that Pirkei Avos teach us “l’fum tzara agra.” Keep fighting the good fight on behalf of bnos yisroel — Hashem is shepping nachas from your valiant work — your reward awaits you

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