Thursday, November 28, 2019

Are Zionists Amaleikim ?


At a recent trip of a Rebbe & Chasidim traveling to Eretz Yisroel
it was announced that they are on their way to fight the עמלקים (Zionist)

What is the Torah השקפה on calling non Frum Yidden, 


Is it, a) or b) or there is a c)?

Yes, it's true our Gedolim and רוב מנין ורוב בנין of (Frum)  כלל ישראל don't follow or hold of their שיטה but these Chasidim have their Gedolim & their שיטה. 

Not only is it the right thing but it's also obligatory for them to follow
their Rebbe & שיטה.
We say in this instance אלו ואלו דברי אלוקים חיים.

b) Bnai Torah should and must know that this שיטה might have been right 50-70 years ago. Then our struggle to remain Frum Yidden were with the secular Zionist.

Today, there is no need to be so obsessed anymore with the Zionist רשעים.
 There is no need to fight those whodon't consider the שלש שבועות relevant. 

We have given up fighting Shabtai Zvi etc. so too we should give up fighting  Zionism. They are not our enemy anymore.

On the contrary, they are the largest supporters of Yiddishkeit. They support Chadorim, Yeshivos, Bais Yakovs, Mikvaos, Botei Dinim, Rabonim, etc. (Perhaps some הכרת הטוב by not calling them Nazis & Amolaikim)

The biggest and main struggle of today is עמי הארצות, be it Frum or non-Frum, be it Zionist or non-Zionist.

The lack of proper Torah education is the cause of all those who fight against Torah Judaism. It is the cause of the hatred towards Talmidei Chachamim etc.
עמי הארצות is also the cause of those who opt-out and go off the Derech etc. This is where we need to place all our concentration.

Calling other Yidden, even non-Frum, "עמלק" won't accomplish or help in eradicating עמי הארצות and ignorance.
On the contrary, it might even be the cause of the שנאת עם הארץ towards תלמידי חכמים & Frum Yidden.

Therefore, it is very wrong and we should condemn  those who call other Yidden, "נאצים or עמלקים".

Perhaps, Yidden who don't believe in the שלש שבועות and believe in כחי ועצם ידי, don't deserve to be called עמלק

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