Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Frum Man Stabbed in Monsey Going to Shul critical condition

A man was repeatedly stabbed and slashed while walking to synagogue today, according to Ramapo police.Police said the man was stabbed about 5:49 a.m. 70 yards from the Mosdos Meharam Brisk Tashnad. It is a religious center with a synagogue, study center and mikvah for people in the neighborhood. 

There are no descriptions of a suspect or suspects or a vehicle, if any, at this time, police said. Members of the community say two men attacked the victim. 

Rabbi Yisroeal Kahan said the attack was unprovoked, "No words were exchanged and they pummeled him to the ground for several minutes." 

The victim is a 29-year-old married teacher with four children ages 1 to 9, said a first cousin, Mordechai Zwiebel, 15. 
"I was so shocked, traumatized," the 15-year-old told The Journal News/lohud, adding,
 "I don't feel safe until these guys are caught." police responded to Howard Drive on a report of a pedestrian struck by a car, Ramapo police said.

 Upon arrival it was quickly determined that the individual had been stabbed and slashed with an unknown weapon.The victim was taken to Westchester Medical Center by Hatzolah Ambulance and is undergoing surgery.

Israel Altman, a member of Chaverim emergency services, said the man was about to enter the synagogue at 2 Howard Drive when he was "jumped and beaten and stabbed multiple times."

Video showed the two attackers had been driving around in the neighborhood before this, Altman said.Michael Ludmir, a neighborhood resident in his 20s who attends the synagogue, called the stabbing "very scary." "This is such a peaceful quiet neighborhood," he said. The worst that happens is occasional break-ins into unlocked cars, he said. A stabbing is a "very rare thing," he said.  

Ludmir said of the report the attackers had been driving around: 
"I don't know if they were hanging out in front of the entrance .... It could have happened if I was walking with my wife."  

Nuti Klein, 16, of Airmont attends the local United Talmudical Academy Satmar Yeshiva. He came upon the stabbing scene after leaving a mikvah ritual bath at the synagogue. "I saw all the blood on the ground and all the emergency vehicles," he said, adding, "I am scared maybe someone is going to attack me."

Police are being assisted by the Rockland County Sheriffs BCI unit and Chaverim of Rockland County.Lifelong resident and community activist Rivkie Feiner said she could not recall a violent crime like this happening in Monsey."I grew up here my whole life, I never remember anything like this happening. Not here in Rockland," she said.Feiner called for increased police presence in the neighborhood."Our community will unify to protect ourselves." she said. "Our community needs to feel safe walking the streets."


Anonymous said...

This is how the holocaust started in Europe. We need to stop following leaders who make us steal government money and goyims (gentiles) money. We need to live within means and / or educate ourselves and earn more the calm and honest way.

The leaders do it to enrich themselves and have power on us uneducated and oppressed sheeple. Jewish leaders need to be egged before it's too late. We will die in gas chambers and the Jewish leaders will escape.

The leaders will start everything again in China as if they are big tzadikim (righteous ones) and escaped with nissim (miracles).

Brisker said...

Scary reminder of Golus that it happened in the heart of Monsey.

The shkotzim, perhaps Arabs, knew the neighborhood is almost always teeming with Yidden on the streets so they arrived at 5 am to circle around until they found a victim walking alone. This was determined after Chaverim knocked on every door in Kaser / Kiryas Vizhnitz and assembled enough video camera footage. This is why Chaverim are getting a shout out of hakoras hatov at every press conference from law enforcement.

Toshnad was agav one of the top yeshivos in Ungaren. It's "Brisk" family dynasty of roshei yeshiva bear the name because the lamdan elter zayde had moved from Brisk deLita to Hungary

Kletzky said...

Wow, it's sounds like when the Shomrim turned over Boro Park to find me. Mee K'amcha Yisrael (Which nation is as awesome as Israel).

I'm still curious what he wanted from me and why I ended up in the freezer. And why nobody wants to talk about it. Is he a child abuser, a menchen fresser (cannibal), both?

Maybe more talking will help lots of issues. Maybe now in Rockland, talking about how awesome other peoples needs are, too. So they don't feel such retzeecha (lust for blood).

Gretzky said...

Long Island Newsday's NYC edition paper called AM NY had an article about the sick murderer Levi Aron & the sexual fetish that fits what he did to poor little Leiby

which is why Levi Aron is cataloged on R' Eric Aiken's website which is the most comprehensive molester wall of shame out of all the ones out there

UOJ has incidentally commented that there was a lot going on in Aron's history. Forget about what Shomrim & it's child rapist President Yanky Daskal may've been covering up, but there according to his sources there was major cover up on Aron when he was a bochur in Torah Vodaas. After all, when did Belsky ever meet a molester who he didn't like?

Anonymous said...

The Arons are a dysfunctional family with Levi being far from the only weirdo.

And you can't count on the NYPD to determine the cause of death of Levi's brother found dead in a rolled up carpet. NYPD & NYC OME are notorious for botched or tainted murder investigations after interference from outside fixers. This includes Brooklyn's Howard Frank who most likely had a hit put out on him by Mendel Epstein.

It's interesting by the way that Italians have a tremendous sinah for people who disturb basic decorum in the community, especially child molesters. That's why the mafia will expend their resources to stop even petty criminals in Bensonhurst, including punks who throw eggs at Beis Hatalmud. And that's why even now there are still death threats being called in to Aron's family by Italians who are infuriated that someone would dismember a child for no sane reason, no matter what creed the child is.

Anonymous said...

The link below is stating the official story. I don't think it's true. I saw the video footage and it seems clear that little Leiby walks up to his murderer and abuser and knows him. It seems that Aron promised rewards to Leiby to be there. And I recall Aron was devening in the same shul as Leiby's grandparents and / or an often guest at Leiby's grandparents house.

Why would they lie to us on such a horrific crime? With all the abuse cover up, and now we hear nothing on the Monsey stabbing, it's very scary. What story are they concocting now and why?

"A grainy surveillance video shows a man walking near Leiby just before 5 p.m. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said
the boy appeared to be lost and asked Aron for directions. He said the boy’s parents had agreed to let him walk seven
blocks alone from his day camp to a location where he was supposed to meet his mother."

Romanisher Ferd said...

Not true that the story died.

Police gave the video to the FBI who have enhancement technology not widely available to zero in on the vehicle license plate.

In other news Satmar yungerleit gathered at a nearby corner to pass gas after they heard that the Israeli Consul General drove up from Manhattan to be photographed there showing solidarity. Because the optics are not good of behaving so crudely even if the Zionist entity was the target, Yossi Gestetner is reportedly planning to issue a statement that the real reason for the farshtunkenna Satmar assifa was in support of Eric Swalwell to comfort him after all the bizyonos he was soyvel this week for accidentally tooting on live television.

LeBron James said...

Satmar tell me they will handle the anteh-Semitten but they be aksing me to stand guard & do what I do best in Kaser in case any more Tzionim show up.

Hansel and Gretel said...

I always knew there is some reality in scary novels. But that they are our leaders and running our security, this is really scary.

The Purge said...

The Monsey Info site is reporting that the Toshnad attackers were in a black SUV & wearing masks.

LaSova 1 Monsey Blvd said...

While I could seriously see a straight-faced Yossi Gestetner stooping to a press conference justifying farting, I am very confused how the hell he got into the frumma Trump assifa at $25,000 a plate.

Where did he get the money from?

How did the organizer Republican SuperPac, itself not frum, let him in after he was booted as a State GOP liason to the Monsey oylam when his anti-Israel views aligned with Satmar were publicized?

Why did the NY Post interview him at the assifa without detailing his controversial history?

Oddest of all is that Gestetner lavished praise on Trump to the Post for backing the Zionists with the Jerusalem embassy move & criticized all previous Administrations for not being pro-Zionist enough. So will the real Yossi Gestetner please stand up? And will he be able to show his face again around here after such Zionist supporting kefira?

Anonymous said...

Yossi Gestetner was booted from the Republican party for "being a spokesman at a fundraiser to benefit an alleged child molester"