Sunday, November 24, 2019

Uh Oh! Police Say Brutal Stabbing Of Jewish Man In Monsey Was NOT Hate Crime

Ramapo Police say the stabbing of an orthodox Jewish man on Wednesday was not a hate crime.
 The Hasidic man was critically wounded when two men jumped out of a car, and then brutally beat and stabbed him while he was on his way to Shul at 5:45AM.
On Friday afternoon Ramapo police released a statement which said that there is no evidence to support that it was a hate crime.
Authorities have stepped up patrols as they continue to search for the attackers.
On Thursday night Chaveirim of Rockland warned people about an individual who was ringing doorbells in the area of the crime and asking to see their camera footage.
The rumor-mill is in full force and WhatsApp and social media have exploded with rumors about this incident. 
Please continue to daven for Mordechai ben Bracha.

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Anonymous said...

How can they say it's not a hate crime if they haven't yet nabbed anyone? And what rumors are indeed milling on socia media?

Anonymous said...

hamodia: victim was stabbed in back, boych, neck & one eye which has so much trauma that a skull operation must be done first to help save the eye

Ma Rabbi said...

" Not a Hate crime" These hoodlums attacked a man, a stranger, just because he had a beard and black hat and was clearly a religious Jew.
That sure is a "hate crime" Someone should get Gov Cuomo involved because the Ramapo police are a bunch of idiots.

Anonymous said...

Police refusal to label it a hate crime comes with a complicated, multi-layered explanation.

Elected official anti-Semites like Ed Day are all revved up to condemn the vicious attack in order to put on a charade to Jews & moderate goyim that they are on the side of the Jews.

Pressure from Day & co would not really make a dent with the Chief, even if the Chief personally agrees with the anti-Semites, unless the Chief has his own motive which aligns with Day.

And the Chief does have an eiginner motive that he got from the crook Mayor Christopher St. Lawrence who is currently behind bars in Otisville prison. St. Lawrence long had the Ramapo PD under orders to avoid arresting anyone in any side of a dispute or committing any crime unless they absolutely have no choice.

The bottom line: Low crime stats bring in all kinds of extra money & other fringe benefits.

Even when anti-Semites destroyed the pool at the modern orthodox summer camp in Chestnut Ridge, Ramapo PD had the gall to deny it was anti-Semitic, blaming it on some phantom teenage punks who just felt like vandalizing. The police pretended as if it made no difference that some anti-Semites & self-hating Jews where at the camp gates every morning to menace the arriving young campers.

When the meshumod Yankee Gindoff married to a Shvartza was blocking yeshiva buses from exiting cul de sacs, the Ramapo PD did nothing. But Gindoff (who went to cheder in East New York & whose sister is the almonoh of Rav Bluth ztl) WAS arrested one day by County Sheriff Deputies.

When a molester was trying to lure kids in Wesley Hills & Forshay, there was no Ramapo PD response until the askonim threatened they are going to Sheriff Falco.

There are countless other examples including some shkotzim with a pack of attack dogs that a sicko Sfardi Satmar / Toldos Aharon wannabe has been playing Kapo for.

Zako said...

What right has the police to deliver its own opinion
before even any investigation ?

yidlmitnfidl said...

לא בחינם הודיעה משטרת מונסי כי הנסיון לרצח שנעשה בשבוע שעבר במונסי אינו בשל שנאה, מתברר מעל לכל ספק כי מי שעשה זאת הוא יהודי שביקש לפגוע במישהו אחר בגלל חשבון שיש לו עמו ובטעות פגע באדם הלא נכון השוכב במצב קריטי בבית חולים, אותו אימללו הוא כבר יהיה עיוור בכל חייו נפגע בכמה מקומות וייאלץ לחיות עם המצב הזה, וכאשר הדבר נודע במונסי, החלו לבדוק במצלמות גילו את הרכב שנעשתה בו העבירה ומיד העלו אותה באש בטרם המשטרה מגיעה בשביל שלא יהיו סימני זיהוי מי היו במכונית

מתברר כי אותם 'צדיקים' מיהרו לכל מצלמה למחוק אותה על מנת שהמשטרה לא תתפוס את הרוצח, ובכל זאת נותרה מצלמה אחת שזו נפלה בידי המשטרה ולכן ברור להם כי זה לא נעשה על ידי שונאי יהודים אלא בשל חשבון פנימי שצריך עתה לברר מה היה החשבון ולמה הוא עשה זאת. מה שעוד נודע בטוח, כי טעו בזיהוי של האדם, פגעו באדם הלא נכון

מה שמזעזע כאן, שיהודים 'חרדים' הם אלו שעושים עתה הכל על מנת שאותו רוצח לא יתפס על ידי המשטרה ולא ייאלץ לעמוד לדין על המעשה שעשה, במקום שיסגירו אחד כזה על המעשה שעשה, הם מבקשים להצילו ולא מתחשבים כלל בנפגע ובני משפחתו שעוברים עתה את הגהינום, האם לאלו אפשר בכלל לקרא 'חרדים' והאם באמת זו 'חרדיות'?

חיים שאולזון

Anonymous said...

that sfardishe chassidish loser is living it up in monsey when he owes all kinds of money from an investment that collapsed when he was in lakewood from which there are investors he didn't pay back