Monday, November 11, 2019

Berland "Gangsters" Beat Up Middle Aged Chareidie in Bet Shemesh Gimmel

Followers of the Convicted Sexual predator, Rabbi Eliezer Berland attacked a 43-year-old man in Beit Shemesh on Sunday, after the man complained to them about their dangerous driving on local roads that endangered other drivers as well as pedestrians.
Berland was visiting the city when the incident occurred. The incident occurred just before 5:00 p.m. when a group of vehicles recklessly down Habakuk HaNavi Street in Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel. One resident alerted the police to the outrageous driving and told off one of the drivers who driving maniacally. In response, the resident was severely beaten.
According to another resident who witnessed the incident, the car stopped after the driver was told off and a number of suspects exited the vehicle. They began hitting and assailing the man who told off the driver. They hit him with their fists, a car jack, and a hammer. The witness reported this to the emergency medical teams that arrived to assist the beaten man.
According to BeChadrei Charedim, the assailants were students of Berland and police have taken a number of them into custody. Some of those in custody are as young as 14-years-old. They are being questioned by police in the station in Beit Shemesh.
The beaten man was listed as being in light-to-moderate condition and was taken to the hospital for further treatment and care. He suffered contusions on his entire body.
Followers of the Berland Cult (Shuvu Banim) have been involved in many violent incidents. They have also been arrested for driving at excessive speeds in the Berland motorcade.
Rabbi Berland constantly engages in eradic behavior, such as smearing olive oil on children’s faces, spinning a dreidel during davening, or punching his chassidim in the face.

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