Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Satmar Rebbe Blasts Chareidi Parties for Capitulating To Be In Government ..While He Himself Capitulated To New York Government

The hypocrisy of this outsider is outstanding ...
Just recently the Satmar Rebbe "capitulated" to the New York Board of Education; Satmar Mosdois will be learning about Gays & Lesbians and Transgenders ....and other perverted ideas ...
The Rebbe unashamedly comes here to bark:
 “Today, they are making deals with the government and giving up on the education of helpless children"
Calling Gedoilie Yisroel "Koifrim" .....
Is this crazy? Insane? .... 
Here see thousands of posters thrown from the roofs of Yerushalyim calling him out on his hypocrisy

Thousands participated in the event surrounding the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg’s visit to Jerusalem on Tuesday evening. The Satmar Rebbe stood alongside rabbonim from the Eidah Charedis to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the organization’s founding.
During his speech, the Satmar Rebbe touched upon the political negotiations currently taking place in Israel and the Conscription Law and attacked the Chareidi parties in the Knesset.
Regarding Charedim being drafted the Satmar Rebbe said: “Today, they are making deals with the government and giving up on the education of helpless children. A few years ago, a decree such as this would have resulted in worlds being shaken, and tens-of-thousands of people gathering to pray against the Gezeiros HaShemad. Nowadays, they make deals regarding how many will enlist. In the past few years, they have even begun to conscript women. Today, we sit quietly and don’t let our community protest this at all. How can a sensitive or empathic Jew sit idly by and allow this to happen when the holy spirit itself is crying (over this).
“It is not enough that no one fights against this, but people are actually strengthening the position of those who support the Conscription law?”
After this diatribe he turned his ire to the Chareidi political parties: 
“They strengthen the Kofrim and give credit to the Prime Minister to whom they say: “You are our brother.” They sit in the government and work hand-in-hand with a political foe that has worked tirelessly against the Chareidi party. What could be a greater Chilul Hashem then that? Here they see the entire Torah and its holy learning just to be a part of a government.”
The Rebbe then blasted Yahadus Hatorah, the party of Chareidim in Eretz Yisroel. A party directly guided by Gedolim such as the Sar Hatorah, Hagaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita.
“This is called Yahadus Hatorah? This is selling out the entire Torah in order to take a piece of the Government”.

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Anonymous said...

DIN,why do you insist in calling this filthy Jew and Israel hating KAPO ROTZEACH a REBBE,this traitorous rat is a rebbe like the Pope is one.
This gangster together with his brother Aron yemach shemom,when not busy fighting in secular court about hundreds of millions of real estate,are busy 24/7 in fighting and besmirching and trying to destroy our one and only God given Eretz Yisroel,these filthy traitorous kapo rats have an organization called "netruna" (it is not affiliated with Neturei Karta) that spends tens of millions of dollars yearly in anti=Israel propaganda,where they openly declare to the non Jewish world that Jews don't have the right to govern themselves in their holy land,and until Moshiach arrives it belongs to the Arabs.