Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Rebbe in Yeshiva Or Mordechai, brought his down syndrome son to the protest, and can be seen placing his child in between himself and police.

I'm sick to my stomach ...... How does a "Ben Torah bring his mentally challenged son to a violent protest??

A Rebbe in a Yeshivah????? What sick individual would do something like that?

Look at the photo below.... see a guy with a long beard, a guy who looks like hasn't worked a day in his life, sitting like an ape .... protesting the fact that a terrorist refuses to register for the Army.
Just a couple of days ago, this long beard shukkled like squirrel and said "Al Hannisim" that talks about a Jewish Army ....and while the oil of his latkes was dripping from his long beard sang "Maoz Tzur" that again talks about a Jewish army..

Look at the photo below and see Shidduch eligible Bochrim sitting like a bunch of raving lunatics instead of learning  Torah! 
Better Question: Why aren't they in the Army ...believe me ..a couple of days training in the IDF will knock that "sitting and learning" business right out of their heads that are covered by $375.00 Barcelona Hats!
Is this what you want your daughter to marry...?
Look at their faces carefully ..
Look at the photo below and see a smiling Bochur being carried away ... the little idiot does not give a thought to how many people he just inconvenienced blocking that bus??
Where is his mother??? Is this the new derech? 
If I were his father I'd slap the crap out of him!

See photo below and notice an "alter bok" sitting on his tuches....
here is a guy that never worked and has no intention of working .... this guy will be financially supported all his life, and that will not come cheap.... looking at him I see a guy that stays away from salads....


jancsibacsi said...

He can bring his challanged son because he himself is challanged the rebbe of this yeshiva needs to be put in place meaning stop all money going to his family and yeshiva money is the best way by far to make then think seriously of their mindless behaviour

jancsibacsi said...

The way this all anarchy looks to me is that the more you learn toireh the more deranged you become this is the picture we get from their insane behaviour, an 8 hours day of hard work would straighten them out very fast i bet you

Anonymous said...

These disgusting leeches are the result of fanatic frummie upbringing
They live off the system anyways just house them on jails

Chafraud-Depravitch said...

jancsibacsi said...

"The way this all anarchy looks to me is that the more you learn toireh the more deranged you become"

It's the inevitable result of treating the works of men as if they were the words of God.

Merely watching the malfeasance of the ultra-Orthodox is the most effective way to discredit the myth of Torah divinity. So, in a way, they are providing an important service even if they don't intend to do so.