Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Tale of 2 Magazines Mishpacha and Ami. How to deal with the Secular Israelis

For the last two weeks, Mishpacha, after taking a poll from Israeli Chilonimsuddenly discovered that 90% of Chilonim don't hate Chareidim and that 70% don't mind living with them. 

Mishpacha found out that the Chareidie "mental self-image as a persecuted minority, besieged on all sides by a hostile, secular majority, is simply untrue."
"Yes, the poll found out that there is hatred and revulsion toward Chareidim but chiefly among journalists, politicians, college professors etc."

As a result  Mishpacha has decided to adjust their thinking and their future  reporting.

In this weeks issue, Rabbi Moshe Grylak, says, "It's time to stop seeing every secular Jew as a רשע.
If we must label him, let's call him a Tinok Shenishbah, in accordance with the ruling of the Chazon Ish ז''ל, ....that this person thinks and acts the way he does because he never had the benefit of a traditional Jewish education." 
"Yes, we may argue with him. Yes, we may fiercely oppose his way of life. But hatred has no place here."

Rabbi Grylak continues:
"Who knows how much friction might have been resolved peacefully had we not barricaded ourselves behind walls of error all these years?"

He concludes:
"And if the average secular Israeli were to feel us treating him with respect and dignity, it would be easy for him to reject the hostile influences that constantly try to infiltrate his heart."

Yonoson Rosenblum, who we have criticized in the past, also did a 360 degree reversal, he writes in the same issue in reference to the Mishpacha poll: 
"The secular public, it turns out, doesn't hate us, but neither do they know us. They are, however, open to greater contact, even eager for it."
To summarize what he wrote?  The Chareidim have to be mekareiv them and to reach out to them!
Not to throw stones and yell and scream!

Contrast the Mishpacha approach with the filthy rag Ami!
In this weeks issue he interviews Rav Reuven Elbaz, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Or Hachaim.

Rav Elbaz is a gentle soul, wouldn't hurt a fly and dedicated his life to Kiruv! 
He had a meeting recently with the heads of Israel Security and Intelligence community. 

The clown, Yitzy Frankfurter interviews him, and desperately  tries to coax him into castigating the Chilonim,
he even puts words in Rav Elbaz's mouth!

Here is a sample of his hateful questions and excerpts of Rav Elbaz's answer:

Clown YF:  You didn't discuss the draft law with them? (notice, how he zeros in on Machlokas, just like Korach)

R' Elbaz: We did, but it wasn't central to the conversation. They are primarily afraid civil war. I told them: Look, we've been living together almost 70 years. Haven't we always had extreme differences of opinion and ways of life? We are the ones who have to choose which path we want to take.
If we live with this philosophy then there is nothing to worry about. Peace and brotherhood are the key; jealously and competion are poison.
(Did you notice R' Elbaz's approach?)

They talk a little about the Atzeres, and then the Clown persists 

Clown YF: Did the Rav try to put pressure on them to repeal the draft law? (He wants to hear Rav Elbaz curse the Chilonim, but Rav Elbaz will have none of that)
R' Elbaz: I believe we have the upper hand, but we must trust in Hashem even in the darkest times, so we don't have to worry.

So there you have it, which way, do you think, will actually work?

 I read last week's edition of the Satmar Yiddish Newspaper, DER YID, and after an hour of reading the hateful diatribes of the writers, (no different than reading Der Sturmer) I really felt that there was no hope, but after reading Mishpacha's reversal in reporting Israeli News, I got hopeful, knowing  that we are finally turning a corner!
And I sincerely believe that the blogs and comments had something to do with this decision. 
I have been tough on Satmar, but it's not because I hate them, it's because they continue to disparage a majority of Klall Yisroel.
I know that they do Chesed etc, but writing hateful articles week after week, loading their hearts and souls with profanity will not cover for anything good they do.
When I bought DER YID, I noticed a young Satmar guy with DER YID, DER ZEITUNG and DER BLATT under his arm. So I jokingly remarked in Yiddish, " די האסט געניג זנית פאר א גאנצ יאהר!
"You have enough pornography to last you the entire year! 
He laughed and told me that he doesn't read the opinions, it would turn him into an anti-Semite!
No truer words have ever been uttered by a Satmar Chasid!


Anonymous said...

This piece of rotten stinking frankfurter has not met a dirty pervert he did not admire,a while back he wrote an article sticking up for the animal Weingarten who was sentenced to life for raping his own children,then he went to bat for that Satmar animal Weberman who was sentenced for 50 yrs for raping young children coming to him for therapy,and now this filthy ego maniac is justifying this animal Helbrans and his cult of lev tahor.
this jew hating bastard must be put of business,please please let's stop reading his filthy jew hating rag,Ami must be vomited out of our community.
If you happen to have a subscription to this antisemitic jew hating rag,please please cancel it,and let's start putting pressure on our local stores not to sell this poisonous filth

Anonymous said...

forgot to mention in my previous comment,this animal even defended this maniac and pervert Helbrans yemach shmo and his criminally insane cult Lev Tahor

ferd said...

Satmar ignoramous attacks Der Blatt 6 weeks ago for advocating basic cleanliness

Letter to the editor, criticizing Der Blatt for daring to think that taking showers is required to prevent MRSA since shluchei mitzva of tevila ainan nizoken is absolute protection, and only "lowlives" who spend too much in the water are the ones causing disease, since bnei Torah are only supposed to shower erev Shabbos:

"Bei Chassidishe Yidden hot men alemol gevust az a tvila bemikva eidern davenen meint oisdruklich toivlen in mikva un nisht kein shower, nisht eider der tvila un nisht dernoch. Nisht tzu lang tzurik iz geven a normaler ersheinung az in di vochen-tog hobben efshar tzvei percent mikva-geyers genumen a shower eider di mikva.

Derfar iz mir geven a groiser chiddush tzu leinen in a briv az durchen geyen in mikva ohn a shower before, effnt men a tir far di MRSA krank. Zich tzu toivlen in mikva farn davenen iz gor a gehoibener inyan un segleibt zich nisht az dos zol chalila goirem zein krank.

Avaddeh di velche geyen koidem in mikva, veiken zich dort far a halba shtundeh un dernoch nemt men a shower, azelche umausgehaltenna mentchen kennen ibberlozen in vasser alleh erlei "pestilence" vos kenen chalila krank machen anderra.

Lefi hashmua leigen unzerra marbitzei Torah arein in di bucherim groisa koychos zich tzu firen vi chassidishe bucherim, areingerechnt oich az a shower is nor gemacht oif erev Shabbos koidesh un Yomtov.


Anonymous said...

Machhu'eh Adirah ----

Inzer heilige mesoireh get nisht kein shimm heter fahr showers, vus is l'choireh a tumener goyisher minhag. De Toireh Hakdoishe iz nisht metzaveh yiddishe kinder, rachmunu litzlun, zich tzee shower'n and vern farchapt, beavoinoiseinee hurabim, in dem Samech mem, a gezeireh fin dem bitteren sitrah achreh.Bifrat in dee teg fin sfireh, dus ungreitung fahr kabulas haToireh.

der Kappeloosh, oiffen derech

Anonymous said...

"...I know that they do Chesed etc,.."

Can we please also do chesed for healthy people?

Anonymous said...

"When 30,000 people from the Tribe of Ephraim left Egypt early, armed to the teeth and ready to battle, they were summarily decimated. There is no “Never Again” when you’re up against G-d."

What's your point??
We know that. That doesn't preclude hishtadlus and G-D does His thing when He wants. 'Never Again' has nothing to do with it. Sometimes you win, other times you lose and you can't predict in advance.
Action for Soviet Jewry and Never Again helped.
Israeli defense in wars of '48, '56 '67 '73' Entebbe, were successful. Sure , you pray and say tehillim. But you also say Never Again and drop the bombs. If G-D wants, it'll succeed, if not, not Chas veshalom.
There is no halacha against self defense.
This is not exactly the same but similar anyway. How about all the pidyon shvuim stories. Why do pidyon shvuim altogether?
Let the person rot in the hands of the captors. But no, you are mishtadel, bribe, collect money, daven, fast and say Never Again. That's how it gets done.
Sometimes it works and sometimes Pollard sits and rots unfortunately. You try your best and the rest is in the hands of G-D. We know all that. Nothing new.


the Derby, en route