Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lag Ba'Omer Parade banned to Satmar Chassidim because of Chabad "Propaganda"

Remember the Lag B'Omer parade on Eastern Parkway, when you were a kid? 
If you are a Satmar Chassid, you will have to sit home this Lag B'omer, and nibble on your pizza, because Chabad is looking to recruit Satmarer Chassidim to their cause, according to posters hung all over Williamsburg.

The Satmars have very little confidence in their own way of life and are terrified that their children may get seduced by Lubavitch lifestyle. 
So they are banning it!
Hat tip: Nuchem Rosenberg
Loose translation:
Heading: Yeshivah Torah V'Yirah Satmar

In honor of our esteemed parents,

Since  Lubavitch  is organizing a Lag B'Omer Parade
and they propagandize, to seduce Heimishe Children to their way of life, a lifestyle that our Rabbis do not approve.

Therefore, we are asking you not to allow your children to attend!

Hashem should help, that the merit of Reb Shimon ben Yochai should shield us, we should be able to educate our children in ways of Hashem and His Torah, with joy and Nachas, Amen!

I guess it's better for Satmar that the "Tuna Biegels" go totally off the derech than to Chas V'Sholom become a Lubavitcher!

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