Tuesday, May 20, 2014

TheYeshiva World Blog Mixes into Monsey Politics and Advocates for the Property Taxes to Go Thru the Roof:

To The YeshivaWorld Blog

Taxes in Rockland County are the highest in the nation, and these parasites want us to vote Yes, so they can get more programs! The whole article is misleading and a pack of lies!

East Ramapo Residents are sick and tired of funding empty school buildings. They are also afraid of the investigations into the East Ramapo Board, and believe they will pacify Albany if they voted YES!
They want to pacify the Public School Parents!
Each Public School Child cost us now $25,000.00 per year! Insane!

The ones pushing the YES VOTE are the Frum Teachers and Psychologists who want us shmegeggies, to fund their overblown pensions.
The Yeshivas are also pushing this Yes vote, because of the busing for Sundays and Legal Holidays!
Well, I got news for you guys, I had children in East Ramapo and we used Carpooling for those days!

The Millionaires of Rabbi Veiner's Shul and the Yukels' of Rabbi Senter's Shul are also backing this asinine budget! G-D only knows Why! 
They probably want us all  G-D Forbid, to go bankrupt so that we can go to their palaces on Purim, to beg for a couple of dollars, while they sit at the head of the table drinking, Grey Goose!

Eli Weiner of Areivim is the one who wrote this garbage on The Yeshiva World!

We are fed up with the lies, and the funding of programs, programs, programs and more programs!
The whole article is deception, don't believe one word, and vote NO!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Whatever Vishnitz wants vishnitz gets

Anonymous said...

Thank you for calling out these fraudsters and while you are at it, Avi Weiss & his sicko pseudo-"orthodox" followers are also guilty of spreading pro-tax-increase lies.

Entitlement Fresser said...


Can you do a separate post on this that proves what a bunch of hypocrites & losers are attacking the East Ramapo school board?