Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Arab Burqa Lady Terrorizes Passaic Jews On Shabbos

Illustration of Arab Lady Terrorists

This past Shabbos afternoon, an Arab Woman in black burqa and head scarf went ballistic when some Jewish children were playing near the street in Passaic.
 She was in a gold minivan and the license plate starts with a "J". 

She honked and yelled out the window "go back to your country .״ 

When one of the parents of the children yelled back " you go back to your country !" She stopped her car, backed up, got out of her car , walked up to the biggest guy and got in his face and said 
"I should slit all your throats!"

One of the gentleman asked her nicely to get back into the car and she finally left. 
Passaic is close to Patterson which has the largest Palestinian population in the US.

Police are investigating and asking anyone who either saw the incident or encountered her to contact them ; they are filing it as a bias incident! 

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