Monday, May 19, 2014

Frum Soldiers from Beit Shemesh Will Now Wear Civilian Clothes when leaving their houses because of the Frum Animals that Attack Them!

This story should make frum Jews, cry!

Frum Soldiers will now wear civilian clothes when they leave or return to their homes in Beit Shemesh, from their prospective  military bases, because "Shomrei Torah U'mitzvos People" are attacking them physically.

The 6 million Kedoshim that got murdered in the Holocaust, are turning in their graves.  They would have embraced,  kissed and hugged these soldiers!

I can never forget the feeling, when on my first trip to Israel in the 1970's,  I walked down the stairs of the airplane, and there on the tarmac, stood Israeli Soldiers with rifles protecting the passengers disembarking. I was just a teenager, and my eyes were filled with tears. "Wow! A Jewish Soldier! For the first time in 2,000 years, we have Jewish soldiers!"

Where are our Torah leaders? Where? Why is it ok to beat up a soldier?
Where did they get the "heter" to beat another Jew, who is actually there to protect them?
 Didn't Moshe Raabeinu call the Jew who just lifted his hand to strike another Jew, but didn't actually hit him, a RASHA?

Do the bastards that beat these soldiers ever give any thought about that Yiddish Neshama that they are beating? Doesn't that soldier have a mother, a father, a brother,sister, a wife or even a child, that will now hurt?

I say, if you have the compulsion to beat another Jew, be he a Yeshivishe guy or a Soldier, move to Ramalla!

IDF officials have come to the realization that for Zealots living in Beit Shemesh, seeing a black yarmulke and olive green attire is a red flag, one that leads to attacks against frum soldiers in too many cases. Therefore IDF officials have given an order permitting Beit Shemesh residents to travel to and from their homes in civilian garb. The new directive, which applies to soldiers and officers alike, was issued a number of months ago. According to the Walla News report soldiers change their clothing in the central bus station to avoid being seen in Beit Shemesh in uniform, a reality that has provoked acts of violence against them. A number of soldiers and officers submitted requests, seeking to travel to and from their home community in civilian clothing. The report quotes the Beit Shemesh soldiers saying that by and large they live in peace in the community but the small number of zealots is unwilling to accept seeing a frum person in an IDF uniform.


Anonymous said...

They should be arrested and jailed,together with their extremist , CHARA -dish extremist rabbis. Start with Auerbach and work your way down. R' Shteinman and others should be held accountable for calling Yiedin Amalek. Don't give me godol crap,he's getting a free pass.
Cut off their toilet flush water for starters and work your way up.

Overheard at a local breakfast joint:

Q: Young man, what caused you to go off the derech?

A: Where do I begin ?

I saw the phoniness, lack of respect for other Jews, hardcore stupid and barbaric chumras, Jews throwing rocks at each other and , cursing the State, no hakoras hatov, materialistic dynastic control freaks in the Chassidish and Yeshivish cult kingdoms outlawing careers,,obsession with hate against State of Israel as per meraglim, fighting against each other while demented rich folks throw millions at each of them regardless,no concern about problems in the Jewish communities-- rising tuition, wedding making, housing, shidduchim--- no concern for that at all--- just burning flags and harassing frum IDF, Want more?

Q: Don't blame the religion for that. These are charlatans and mamzerishe bastards who don't represent our true Torah.

A; True, true. But when I was a teenager I didn't realize that. I'll be back. I learned not to throw out the baby with the stinking diapers.

Q: Atta boy-- You do what's right by G-D. They don't for a second represent Him, nor do they even respect Him. Hey, While I have your ear---Join us in the revolution -- we'll throw these bums out yet. . Patience, M'boy.

Want another donut??? My treat. Waiter???

the Derby, en route

Anonymous said...


For anybody that can offer positive proof that any godol, or das Torah , condemned in strong language, the call for murder by one Nissen Kaplan.
The perp issued his fatwah heard round the world in front of a live audience.

Derby , en route to hang REWARD signs all over the world.

I'm waiting. The silence is deafening.Hello ????!!!!!