Monday, May 12, 2014

Vizhnitzer Rebbe rants against Modern Eyeglasses

The Vizhnitzer Rebbe, Rav Yisroel Hager, has B"H no other problems. 
EXCEPT for the following burning issue: 
His yungeleit are wearing the latest eyeglass frames!

They all wear the same style Shtrimlich, they all wear "Kortzeh Hoizen" (Breeches) with White Shtrimp (socks), they all wear Bekeshes .... so the only way one can make his own fashion statement, would be to get different eyeglass frames!

So after eating a little schmaltz herring, and sipping some Malaga Wine, at Shalosh Seudois, this past Shabbos (no reports at this time, on what he did first, eat the herring or drink the wine), the Rebbe gave a powerful speech strongly condemning this latest fad!

The Rebbe also spoke with great pain to those who have the "addiction" to listen to the constant barrage of news of our communities."

In other words, he doesn't even want them to be privy of any news in their own Bnei -Brak Community!

I give up!

Observation: The Rebbe himself doesn't wear glasses!


Anonymous said...

What's this with Shalosh Seudas?
That's when most of the dictators spout their dictums. Vizhnitzer, Belzer, Soloveitchik in Mir against the Zionists, Sefardi zealots , etc.
Is it some sort of post cholent syndrome? Herring? What is it?
Who ever heard of this Vizhnitzer before he spoke out against bochorim going to induction centers, against taking wedding pictures while he's in attendance, now the glasses?
I and my brother-in-law have long ago wanted to get into the frum clothing business and what better time than now.
You're free to plagiarize our idea.
Multi-colored gartlech, blue, orange, scarlet and violet socks instead of the usual ,as my brother-in-law, a Hungarian ,calls them-- Veise Zuknee.
Shabbos baseball caps for the modern with logo; Shabbat Shalom. Or T-shirts emblazoned with "Hareinee muchan umzuman."
All purpose old fashioned monocles for all types of Klal Yisroel, bypassing fashion altogether. New kippah--- iridescent, Velcro'd for bald heads, 4" high and narrowing to a point . Similar to the opinion of how Noah's Ark looked like . Hats with no brims, kinda the ole Turkish fez. Hang- along tassles are a special order.
Let'er rip!!!!
The only ban we propose is on Kool Aid.
Ronald Reagan ; Folks, tear down their walls !!!!!

the Derby, en route to alert and galvanize the revolution.

Anonymous said...

There is another ironic point. he and all other hasidic rebbis wear colorful bekatichs. which is way sexier then their flock.

fred said...

This is what happens when Rebbes have too much time and money on their hands. Gut in Himmel!