Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pope wears the checkered black and white headscarf, the symbol of the Palestinian cause!

In  unscripted moment, Pope Frances prayed at the Israeli separation barrier surrounding the biblical West Bank town and briefly donned the checkered black and white headscarf that is a symbol of the Palestinian cause.

Here is a guy that represents a religion that tortured and murdered Jews throughout the ages, and to further the "cause of peace" he puts on the Palestinan Kaffiya, and prays at the separation wall that keeps out, the blood thirsty murdering arabs!
With friends like him, we don't need enemies!

Peres, the President of Israel accepted an invite from this communist Pope to "daven" for peace at the Vatican!
Mr. Pope .... I have a message to you: "take off your  kippah and give it to the bareheaded Peres!
You deserve each other!

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