Wednesday, May 7, 2014


This Shadchan wasn’t your typical matchmaker, but thanks to his persistence and some divine providence brought a couple together. Meet Terry, your friendly neighborhood UPS delivery guy.
Anyone working or living on Eastern Parkway or Union Street in Crown Heights, and received a package from UPS, knows Terry. His extra friendly and kind demeanor is hard to miss, and when dropping by homes and businesses in the neighborhood he is always known to try and make ‘shidduchim’.
And after dozens of different suggestions, this time it actually worked out!
After years of making deliveries on Eastern Parkway where the Goldin family lives, which is just one block over from where Mrs. Regina SimonChana’s mother works, Terry had began suggesting that they ‘go out’.
“At first everyone just dismissed it, thinking it was cute that he was suggesting names” the Chosson Zevi Goldin told, adding that later an uncle of the Kallah had gone through the motions and set them up “But it was Terry who is the Shadchan” he said.
Last week the Goldin and Simon families celebrated the Lechaim of the new couple, and Terry’s presence was hard to miss.

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