Monday, May 12, 2014

De Blasio gets criticism for attending Pro-Israel Meeting from Jews!

Self Hating Jew Liz Krueger

What motivates a Jew, to stab, so to speak, Israel, in the back? There is a self-hating liberal organization that calls itself J Street, that masquerades as a pro-Israel lobby, but is really against everything any Jew stands for.
Why isn't Aguda fighting these bastards? Why isn't there one Rebbe or Rosh Yeshivah on record, chastising these destructive animals?
Wouldn't this be an opportunity to show the world that in this respect we are all united against J Street?

State Senator Liz Krueger who hates her own religion sent an email to the Mayor criticizing him for attending a pro Israel meeting! 

We have to either e-mail or call State Senator Liz Krueger and tell her that we are not supporting her anti-Israel stance!
Albany Office

172 State Street Room 905 Legislative Office Building
Albany, NY12247

United States
Phone:(518) 455-2297
Fax:(518) 426-6874
District Office
1850 Second Avenue
New York, NY10128
United States
Phone:(212) 490-9535
Fax:(212) 490-2151

Read from the Daily News

Mayor Bill de Blasio received major criticism for attending January’s meeting of American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) new emails show.

In emails obtained by NY Daily News  de Blasio was told he needed “a broader education on NY Jewish/Israel issues to avoid future blow ups” in one email sent by State Sen. Liz Krueger to de Blasio’s aide Emma Wolfe.
“I am actually getting as many angry messages from Jewish non-AIPAC folks (Anti Israel, J Street and Peace Now Supporters) than I did on the east side snow problems,” Krueger continued.

De Blasio offered support to the pro-Israel group, stating that City Hall will “always be open to AIPAC.”

Self Hating Liberal Jews who support the mayor were angered by the mayor’s seemingly upfront position to support the pro-Israel group.

Victor Kovner, a board member of the Jewish group J Street, an Anti-Semite, attempted to get a meeting with the mayor to offer a different liberal viewpoint of Jewish politics. He sent an email to City Hall Jan. 31 asking for a meeting with de Blasio.
“I thought you had made clear that Saturday or Sunday would be work for the Mayor,” Kovner wrote to Avi Fink, Wolfe’s deputy who supervises Jewish affairs for the mayor. “Among the subjects to be covered will be the impact of the (AIPAC) speech upon New Yorkers.”

De Blasio did end up holding a 10-minute conference call on Feb. 2 with J Street leaders.

A City Hall spokesperson stated, “Mayor de Blasio recognizes the deep bond and friendship between the U.S. and Israel, and is deeply supportive of the President’s efforts to achieve a two-state solution that secures Israel’s future as the democratic homeland of the Jewish people.”

De Blasio’s Jan. 23 appearance before AIPAC was not listed on his public schedule, but a reporter for Capital New York recorded part of the speech before getting kicked out.

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Anonymous said...

Agudah only interested in sending their baker's dozen of askanim to the annual White House photo-op with their yeshivish brimmed down Borsalinos, so their photos can appear in next week's usual, men-only ,women non-existent, Shabbos bittul Torah weeklies. Then on the following Shabbos yuz all get Shishi.
Israel?? Heh, Stop kibbitzing.
As for the others- Anybody got a fly swatter?
Derby, en route