Sunday, May 25, 2014

Did you know that until now, 10,000 Kollel guys were getting Stipends from the Zionists?

Well, you know now!  
The "cursed" Zionists were supporting the Avreichim for the last, don't even know how many years," and never got one thank you!
That's why you never knew that they received the stipends! They kept it a secret. Even the Satmar guys who were screaming that they don't take a penny from the "medinah" were getting the stipends!

Now the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that it is illegal and discriminatory!

The ones who are really masmidim will continue to get the Stipends!

So now, we will hear from all the "gedolim" how cruel the Zionists are!

By the way, I believe that the Stipends should be given to break the poverty cycle and help families with alot of children.

My point is that they never thanked the government and now they  scream "Foul Play!"
Maybe if they would have had some Hakoras Hatoiv, it never would have come to this point!

So here is the report from Arutz Sheva:

"In another major blow to the chareidi tzibur in Israel, the Supreme Court on Sunday, 25 Iyar 5774, abolished supplementary income for avreichim.

A seven justice panel headed by Court President Justice Asher Grunis rendered its decision to eliminate the supplementary income payments to avreichim made by the state. The court’s ruling was written by Justice Elyakim Rubinstein, a member of the dati leumi community.

The court’s ruling spoke of the inequality associated with the payments made to the avreichim and the fact that it does not contribute to getting chareidim out into the workplace. The petition challenging the payments was filed by a number of organizations including  Ometz, Yisrael Chofshit, and the Conservative Movement.

Rubinstein wrote that the government decision to continue with the supplementary payments is not in line with efforts to get chareidim to join the workplace but quite the contrary as they continue to avail themselves of the existing situation which permits them to receive payments.
“The government’s decision is not fair and affects other sectors” the justices added.

The court also took issue with funding for avreichim. In the court’s view, they are permitted under the law to study for four years during which they are not compelled to acquire a skill or academic training towards earning a livelihood. The court points out that upon completion of the four year period the avreich lacks professional skills to enable him to enter the workforce, questioning the wisdom of the government’s decision.

The court did stipulate that one who is classified as a masmid may continue receiving funds since their entire life is devoted to limud. 

 Needless to say the initial reaction from chareidi lawmakers is one of anger and contempt for the High Court, pointing out “what the government and Knesset have not done to the chareidi tzibur the Supreme Court is now doing”.


Anonymous said...

stipend hahaha 400nis that can buy u toilet paper for the month and what about the college students they get 10times that amount

Dusiznies said...
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Dusiznies said...

To anon 5:49
So you are telling us that the "gedolim" are upset that the Zionists took away the "Toilet paper" from the Kollel Families?
Oh, ok ....

Heintige Gedoilim said...

Everybody knows that gedoilim need toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

its 400nis today u idiot it was 1000nis plus before mr lapid came to town