Friday, May 23, 2014

Lakewood Rabbonim Blame All Tragedies in Lakewood on Women!

Lakewood Rabbonim have been proven to be a bunch of liars. 
There was an Asifah for ladies called "והי' מחנך קודש'' and the Rabbonim of Lakewood promised that there would be no more Hatzalah calls or tragedies in Lakewood if only the woman would shorten their shaitels!

A Robo call went out, stating that since the Asifah, no Hatzalah Calls!!!!!!!!

Well! Just yesterday 3 year old Yocheved Abraham was killed by a car in a driveway!

This is why people have no more respect for Rabbonim!
Maybe the tragedies happened because of all the Ponzi ripoffs!
Maybe because of the massive Chillul Hashem that the Lakewood Rabbonim did when they made the Yom Tefilah against Israel!
 To blame all tragedies on women is insane!


Anonymous said...

lakwwood send their wives to work, so what do they want? Let the husbands work and wives will stay home.They dont believe in a ksube these lairs.

Anonymous said...

To Anon above;

You're right. As I already pointed out, the kesubah is read in Aramaic, a language that you, I and malochim don't understand.
Rhey won't change the nusach to Hebrew because, after all, a minhag Yisroel is like halacha. Yeah, but the minhag itself is quietly dispensed with while the reading of the minhag is halacha. Makes sense?

They call themselves Das Torah and whatever they say can't questioned. To them, Anon, we're just clock punching talis ferdlach who hit the F train because we don't know anything else. They think we don't even know the aleph Beis, much less a pshat in Chumash .

To get an idea what they think of us work chamors, please listen to the Yiddish actor of yesteryear, Ludvig Zatz.
We are the chazan in his song. Give a listen, please.

Derby, en route

Anonymous said...

If my link doesn't work, please go to Youtube at following address.

Ludwig Satz - Gay zai a sham'mes (Yiddish Song)

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more,these so called ra-bonim are becoming more and more irrelevant,how dare these ignorant savages blame the women for all our problems,when the sad fact is that our jails are filled with rabbi's who sexually abused children,just this week a rabbi who was teaching in a Bais Yaccov school has been arrested for downloading kiddie porn on his computer,another four rabbonim from Lakewood have been arrested for kidnaping and blackmail.countless of frum Jews in jail for fraud,ponzi schemes ,money laundering,tax evasion and all kinds of white collar crimes.
Women,it is high time you stand up and shout down these women hating male chauvinist pigs,and tell them no,no,no, it is you and the rest of the low life men who are causing all the TZURES and CHILLUL HASHEM
Clean up your own acts before blaming all the women for all our problems.