Friday, May 30, 2014

Gedolim speak to 10,000 empty chairs, set for Ladies Asifah against the internet!

The Yeshivah World Blog reports that the Gedolim spoke to 10,000 ladies at an Asifah whose agenda was to rant  against the internet, but they only posted pictures of empty chairs!

Just asking: Who was taking care of  the approximately 50,000 children that were home?

Another dumb question: why were they afraid to post the pictures of the ladies? For The guys on the internet? The guys know where to look if they want to look at ladies; they aren't looking at the "Asifah Cholent Ladies" believe me on this one!

No cheesecake to the husbands this Yom Tov! No time for that, must run to the Asifah!

10,000 invisible ladies

Some more invisible ladies

Gedolim addressing the empty chairs

More Gedolim addressing empty chairs!
This Gadol closes his eyes, not to G-D forbid peek at an empty chair!


Anonymous said...

so that's where my wife was.

The real truth said...

No you fool the rabbi that closed his eyes always speaks like that even in his own shiur!!!!! This rabbi helps any Jew out there anyone with a problem
Runs to him so when he speaks he needs extra concentrating powers to filter out all the problems he is troubled with a day!!!!

fightagainstselfhaters said...

grow up get a life nothing better to do then make fun of gedolim what good have you done for us!!!

Anonymous said...

what a pathetic article