Monday, May 12, 2014

New Cure for Childless Women .. Smash Your Iphone, Says Self Appointed Rabbi

You first have to spend $600.00 to buy a smartphone, so that you can smash it!
He doesn't want you to sell it, if you already own one, because then he won't be able to perform his crazy performance on UTUBE!

Rabbi Lior Glazer, came up with this brand new segulah, for women who are unfortunately desperate to have children, and he takes advantage of these clueless souls.

How demented can someone get, to come up with these shenanigans?
What about the thousands of women who are childless and don't own a smartphone? What Segulah does he have for them?


Anonymous said...

This ux is only a symptom. This madness and insanity is happening because, for the umteenth time, the people are not rising up and rebelling. Notice how the ladies were giggling, applauding and cheering how the ux acts out. A hypnized cult, if I ever saw one.
My friend tells me that a rav in Lakewood to whom he went to sell chametz before Pesach, refused to do business because he didn't have a filter on his smartphone. What's next? Everything !!! This is only the beginning.

Our lives are being dictated to by a bunch of fascists who've hijacked our religion. They did this with our help because we gave them power by being feckless,shmeggegies. They're not Das Torah. They're NOT Das Torah. They're sick uxes and megaloes!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Above comment was posted by Paul Revere in lieu of Derby, who's pleading urgently " Do something. The Fascists and Muggers are HERE !!!!!!!
And by Harry Truman: These bucks stop here.Not an inch more!