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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Satmar Yiddish Newspaper Ignore Supreme Court's decision in reference to gays!

The mouthpieces of the Romanian Satmar Gypsies, the Satmar Yiddish weekly newspapers, totally ignored the decision of the United States Supreme Court vis a vis the definition of marriage. 

This decision legislated by the Supreme Court Justices is against the Torah, ... yet Satmar remains  mute..
Because Satmar ... and I mean both Satmar Rebbes backed all the democrat candidates, that openly  endorsed gay lifestyles..

The "groiseh" Rebbis don't care about  what the Torah says, they care only about how much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ the candidates will bring to their Mosdos..... so they are staying far away from this topic ... and ignoring the whole issue.

 Let me disabuse you of the notion .... that they left out the story because they didn't want their young readers reading that gays can now get legally married .....because when they had the gay parade in Israel, these gypsies dedicated pages to the story.

But Der Blatt had room on their front page to gloat that Israel is losing money! ... 

"The State of Israel loosing billions of Dollars because of the Gaza War and BDS boycotts"

And now see the disgusting OP-ED in Der Goy against the family that sued the US to have "Jerusalem  Israel" stamped on their child's passport that was born in Yerushalyim! This case went all the way to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court ruled against the family ...
so for this verdict they had enough space to spew their vicious vitriol ... but had no space for the pro-gay verdict that came at the exact same time !

I will loosely translate part of the article so you can read the vicious nature of these Romanian barbarians !

"The religious parties (of the Knesset) are now on the same page with the leaders of the atheists ..
They  push the agenda of the head of the atheists, Netanyahu, more than the other parties who are not religious, .... and are now besides themselves that the US Supreme Court decided that American citizens born in Jerusalem, will continue to have "Jerusalem" stamped on their passports and not "Israel" 
Read and be astounded: 
Hamodia in its article "Habirah Ha'doilekes" screams that Yerushalyim cannot be separated from the Jewish people and from Eretz Yisroel, just like its impossible to separate the head to the rest of the body and survive."
etc etc... yada yada bla bla bla bla 

Then the writer, a piece of vermin, that writes under the pen name A. Li. Konig  writes that "Yerushalyim isn't ours ...."

Can you imagine? This deranged writer scribbles that Yerushalyim isn't ours, and mocks the religious parties in the Knesset that are upset that the US doesn't recognize Yerushalyim as the Capital of the Jewish people.

 I won't go into the filth that he came up with, to deride the frum parties in the Knesset that are rightfully disgusted with the Supreme Court ruling!

These guys writing for these weeklies are the Scum of the Earth ....


Romanisher Ferd said...

In the past the Satmar rags were mocking the NY Dems over toyeiveh even as they were shnorring from them. But then some Lefty journalists starting following the Satmar press and being mefarsem on them the translation from Yiddish. I guess they shut up about the homos now because the gelt is more important.

This kind of stuff gets back. Many years ago Bob Grant was at the Shomrim Willy dinner and he got all the Satmar chevra there to chant along with him his little deragatory niggun about Cuomo's father: "Mario azendemay du zay provinoss sfatcheem" (spelled sfacim in original Italianish which is something you don't want to repeat in any language people understand). Grant kvelled about it on the radio, swearing that those guys got the Italianish accent so down pat that they must be Italian under the lvush. Mario was furious and called Leib Glanz demanding an explanation why Satmar macht choizek fin em.

Anonymous said...

"The State of Israel loosing billions of Dollars because of the Gaza War and BDS boycotts"....

Just yesterday, the editor of Haaretz, that radical, self-hating malshinim, vile rag wrote an editorial that calls for BDS movement to boycott ALL of Israel, not just West Bank because their boycott IS NOT working... Also, a prominent rabbi , a few weeks ago, wrote essentially the same thing in Arutz 7 .

Der Goy, Der PHLATT'ulance and other Anglo-Jewish anti-Zionist rags will distort, lie and stamm rant against our Holy Land at any opportunity... The Golus-loving frummies are mocking miracles that occur there each & every moment.... They will have to give a din vecheshbon for their non-stop insidious, toxic propaganda ....

It's an embarrassment when I have to read how some Christian organizations, lay members and ministers speak about the rights of the Jewish people to the land, how beautiful it is, how it miraculously survives...etc. then have to hear & read the fecal matter that our own frummies excrete... Pheh...!!!!!!!!!!!

the Derby

Anonymous said...

.... And even if it's true that they're losing millions $$$$$... Is this a reason to rejoice???? Because you know that these bums are rejoicing....

I've lost my faith in the American rebellach.... Imagine of they pushed Aliyah and people responded... Frum people who can make a difference... Business people who can create job opportunites... etc. etc... But no, they want you & me to stay in this once great country quickly sinking into a putrid third world banana republic... You see these Arabs all over the place??? They'll get political clout sooner than later... No politico will even consider tuches lekking the rebbes, rabbis and Jewish constituencies again .... No more frummie shvitzers with 4 cell phones and walkie talkies hocking and making themselves important... It's over but the shouting...

the Derby

Anonymous said...

I guess they were afraid of the constant attacks on them by this blog....