Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Skeleton examinations reveal 1000-year-old Murder of 17 Jews by the British Murderers


Long before Hitler ym"s and the Nazis, there was England. Their history of torturing Jews started when William the Conqueror invaded and conquered England.  Jew Hatred is in their blood and DNA. Two hundred years before Spain expelled their Jews in 1492, the British antisemites expelled their Jews in 1290, but that was after they tortured, murdered and hung up them up. 

Shakespeare wrote his antisemitic novel The Merchant of Venice in 1598 in England, 306 years of England being "yudinrein". Shakespeare had such Jew hatred in his blood, without ever having even met a Jew in his entire life, as the Jews didn't return until 1656.

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Lehi Museum in Tel Aviv. The museum is housed in the building where the British murdered Avraham Stern in cold blood. In that museum and in the "Hagana" Museum you learn about the British barbarians, and how they loved the Arabs and hated the Jews. The British turned back boatloads of Jews who had escaped the Nazi Concentration Camps and sent them back to their deaths. 

In 1929, they were warned and knew that the Arabs were going to commit rape and murder in 1929 and yet stood by and did nothing to protect their Jewish subjects. 

Genetic analysis of human skeletal remains in Norwich, England, found by construction workers preparing the site for a shopping center has provided serious evidence that the bones are those of at least 17 Ashkenazi Jews who were murdered during a proven historic episode of antisemitic violence on February 6, 1190.

The genomes from a medieval mass burial show that Ashkenazi-associated hereditary diseases pre-date the 12th century. The findings resulted from a revised radiocarbon analysis of the bones carried out by experts at London’s Natural History Museum, University College and Francis Crick Institute; the Institute of Organismic and Molecular Evolution in Mainz, Germany; the University of Cambridge; and the Archive Center in Norwich.

They have just been published in the journal Current Biology under the title “Genomes from a medieval mass burial show Ashkenazi-associated hereditary diseases pre-date the 12th century.”

In 2004, construction workers excavating land in central Norwich – about 160 kilometers northeast of London – as part of the Chapelfield shopping center development uncovered the bones.

The position of the remains, their completeness and their conversion by archaeologists into a cleaned and articulated skeleton suggested that they had all been buried in a single event shortly after their death.


Anonymous said...

To be fair to Shakespeare, one could read The Merchant as being quite sympathetic. The guy is insulted repeatedly by the same Goyim who need his money, it's quite clear they see repayment as optional and in the end they do what they can to trick him out of everything. Not a positive look.

galicianer said...

Only difference between Brits and Nazis is that they were on opposing sides, and Nazis were more efficient in the beginning.
Otherwise, the same barbarians for over a thousand years.
Same goes for all Europeans.

Zako said...

To galicianer 5:02 PM

Then we can talk about your local barbarians who massacred all those defensless native-americans from north to south and east to west just to steal land to build up your goldene medina.