Thursday, August 18, 2022

200 Charedim enlist in IDF


Around 200 young Charedi men converged on the Tel Hashomer recruitment center in central Israel on Tuesday, to begin their IDF service.

The new recruits are to be integrated into important positions in the military, most of them are enlisting in combat units in tracks that are specially dedicated to them in the Netzach Yehuda battalion, the Tomer company of the Givati Brigade, the Hetz company of the Paratrooper Brigade and the Air Force.

In addition to the combat soldiers, recruits also joined the "Shahar" track, which integrates the soldiers in a number of non-combat positions in the Ground Force Command, the Communications Corps, and the intelligence branch. They will serve in the IDF for two years, after which they will complete their matriculation exams and begin academic studies.

Throughout the recruitment process and their military service, all Charedi recruits are accompanied by the army's Charedi administration.

"We welcome the new recruits with open arms," Charedi administration head Amir Zuzut told the recruits. "These are top young men, who decided to dedicate the next few years of their lives to the Nation of Israel and the State of Israel."


צריכים לבאר said...

Are these Haredim, like from Bnei Brak, or חרד"ל-חרדי לאומי?

Anonymous said...

Maybe now this site could act nicer to chareidim

Frum but normal said...

KOL HAKAVOD to these beautiful precious NESHAMAS, who will be dedicating their best years to defending their brothers and sisters and their precious land of Israel.
Now let’s contrast this to the lazy no good for nothing so called learners in KOLLEL, who are busy burning and rioting fighting with the Police and calling them Nazis and causing mayhem all over the country, because even though they get an exemption from army duty, the government still insist they register, even that these gangsters refuse to do.

Gerer Rebel said...

Yes, let's be nice to the guys that are killing each other, and to those who continue to block traffic every single day. Yes, let's be nice to those who refuse to join their brothers in the IDF, Yes, let's be nice to their ideology about the State of Israel
DIN get rid of this pathetic troll